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How to complete the Siege on Dragonbane Keep in WoW Dragonflight

The Siege is one of Dragonflight’s most engaging open world events.

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The Siege on Dragonbane Keep is a world event in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight that gives players the opportunity to score some loot in one of the most epic cooperative settings the new expansion has to offer. But the running event timer makes the Siege a bit difficult to find and complete.

The Siege on Dragonbane Keep occurs on a timed basis once every two hours. During one of the alternating hours, the Siege will be available to complete, while in the other hour, the Obsidian Outcasts will be gathering their forces in an effort to begin the Siege. If you miss the event, you’ll always have the opportunity to go back in a few hours when a new group of players gathers to complete the Siege. 

Siege on Dragonbane Keep coordinates and timer

The Siege on Dragonbane Keep begins with the Obsidian Outcasts gathering their forces each alternating hour. The Siege on Dragonbane Keep has an hour where it’s available and an hour where it’s unavailable, although it’s usually completed within minutes. You’ll want to be at the siege location when it begins because there’s a good chance the group of players running the event will blaze right through it.

The initial stage of the Siege is accessible at coordinates [30,77]. Once there, wait for the event to begin and start to march down to Dragonbane Keep with the NPCs and fellow players who are participating alongside you. WoW coverage site Wowhead has a running timer for the Siege’s availability on its front page.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Siege on Dragonbane Keep requirements

The Siege on Dragonbane Keep cannot be completed until reaching Renown level five with the Valdrakken Accord. This level of Renown should be easily achievable by completing the Dragonflight campaign, plus maybe a few extra world quests and side quests after reaching level 70. 

When you reach Renown level five with the Valdrakken Accord, you’ll be given a quest called “To Dragonbane Keep!,” which will prompt you to complete the Siege. 

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What do you get for completing the Siege on Dragonbane Keep?

The first time you complete the Siege on Dragonbane Keep each week, you’ll be given a Dragonbane Keep Strongbox, which will contain a piece of loot that scales with your current item level. The Strongbox can also contain reputation tokens and Dragon Isles Supplies. Each subsequent time you complete the event before the next weekly reset will reward you with a lesser Dragonbane Keep Strongbox. If you’re gearing up a new character or alt, it’s only necessary to complete the Siege on Dragonbane Keep once per week, as the rewards tend to fall off quickly, especially if you’re gaining gear through raids and Mythic+ dungeons.

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