How to complete Phalanx’s Go For A Drive mission in DMZ

Call shotgun, and bring a shotgun while you’re at it.

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Sometimes, Call of Duty players just want to go for a leisurely drive as they take in the sights and sounds of Modern Warfare 2’s diverse set of battle royale maps. On Vondel, for example, there are plenty of new locations to see, and in DMZ, there’s a perfect mission that will have you cruising through the streets of this beautiful town in the Netherlands.

The Phalanx faction features a whole slew of quests that need completing, including one called Go For A Drive that requires players to drive around the city for a bit while avoiding AI combatants and player enemies alike. But before you can hop in the whip and start checking out the different places around town, you have to follow a few crucial steps.

Completing Go For A Drive in DMZ, explained

Acquire an encrypted hard drive

To complete the Go For A Drive mission in DMZ, you’ll first need to find an encrypted hard drive in-game. Unfortunately, players who are looking for an encrypted hard drive must rely on a bit of luck since the special item randomly spawns around the map. There are areas, however, where you can slightly bolster your chances since they only spawn in certain containers found in the game.

These three clusters of buildings directly south and northeast of the Graveyard contain plenty of PC towers. Screengrab via WZHub

The easiest and most readily-available container that you can search for is PC towers, which can be found in buildings all across Vondel. I, however, found the most success at these three clusters of townhouses since they hold a ton of towers, which can all be found surrounding the Graveyard location on the map.

Make sure to go upstairs and check the various rooms, where there are stockpiles of PCs on the floor and in the corners. There’s a good chance you’ll stumble upon one of these hard drives here.

Drive a chop top in Vondel for two consecutive minutes while carrying the encrypted hard drive

Once you acquire the encrypted hard drive, you’ll have to hunt for the correct vehicle of choice, the chop top. This roofless jeep is driven by AI reinforcements as they travel around the city, or if they are responding to some shenanigans caused by players. If you’re having a hard time spotting one on the map, start some trouble at a major activity area. There’s a high chance a whole platoon of AI will roll up in a chop top.

After you find the chop top, you’ll have to drive around Vondel for two consecutive minutes with the hard drive in your possession. I would suggest driving toward and around the Zoo area since the final objective for this mission takes place there, but also keep your head on a swivel. Driving a vehicle makes you visible to all players in your vicinity, so make sure you’re still stocked up for a fight.

Deliver the hard drive to the dead drop at the Zoo

The last objective for this mission requires players to finally drop off the encrypted hard drive to the dead drop at the Zoo, which can be easily found in a dumpster that you should immediately see on your left-hand side once entering the area via the west entrance.

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