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How to beat Chirada and Suparna in Final Fantasy 16

Two summons are worse than one.

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Chirada is a boss in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) that you have to fight twice. You first fight her alone at the climax of the Louder Than Words quest, then you fight her and Suparna together during the Headwind quest. Chirada and Suparna are summoned by the Dominant Garuda, which is hosted by the evil sexy so-and-so Benedikta Harman.

Benedikta has a nasty habit of summoning Chirada and/or Suparna whenever she can’t be bothered to fight her own battles. But defeat both of her summons once and for all, and you’ll be able to take on Benedikta herself.

The two fights against Chirada are pretty similar but, as you’d expect, the one against both Chirada and Suparna is more difficult and throws a few new attack patterns at you. Once you can anticipate all the attack patterns in these battles, they’re not so difficult to win.

How to defeat Chirada in Final Fantasy 16

Go sideways or get swooped upon. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Chirada makes a distinctive squawk and strikes a pose just before unleashing a swooping attack, and that makes these very easy to evade and counter-attack. Look out for the pose in the screenshot above, then tap R1 as soon as she moves. You should be able to pull off a Precision Dodge and Precision Counter.

Stay out of that green, glowing path and you’ll be fine. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Chirada’s wide projectile attack is also pretty easy to avoid, as you always get a clear preview of its path before she casts it. So when you see that, side-step or evade out of the way. You can then use Phoenix Shift or Lunge to quickly get in close and hit her just as she casts it. Phoenix Shift is particularly good because you’ll fly up to her height and can follow up with an Aerial Shift Combo.

This is not a dance move. Back away quickly. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Whenever you see Chirada do a kind of tornado move like in the above screenshot, quickly get to a safe distance, as this is the build-up to a powerful area-of-effect spin attack. She’ll be a bit dizzy afterward, though, and that’s your chance to close in and fire off a combo or two.

This is also not a dance move. Get out of the way. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Her ground stomp attack is usually easy to spot, as she lifts one leg up before doing it, but sometimes she does it when you’re in the middle of a melee combo. For that reason, I’d advise keeping the combos short, before backing off and wearing her down with magic attacks.

Like most bosses in Final Fantasy 16, she has a multi-strike lightning attack where the strike points are very clearly highlighted, and that’s really easy to avoid. I found that by the time Chirada was staggered, she was also nearly dead. So, after delivering some nasty Stagger Damage, I only needed a few more hits to finish her off.

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How to defeat Chirada and Suparna in Final Fantasy 16

Lock on and stay locked on. Screenshot by Dot Esports

All of the above also applies to the fight against both Chirada and Suparna, only those same attack patterns are now going to be coming from two directions. I’d suggest immediately tapping L1 to lock on to one of them, and focusing all of your attacks onto that one until she’s defeated. Also, given that there will be even more attacks to avoid, magic will become more useful, as it can be more difficult to get in close.

It’s OK, they’re gonna miss. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You’ll also have to contend with a new projectile attack with multiple lines of fire. It looks scary, but just keep your head and carefully position yourself between the glowing lines. Once you defeat one of the bosses, this attack evolves and you get a whole grid of lines of fire criss-crossing each other. Again, just stay calm and carefully position yourself in one of the empty squares.

Get them while they’re on the ground. Screenshot by Dot Esports

There’s a Cinematic Evasion event and Cinematic Strike event in this battle, both of which are easy to do. The thing to remember is that they leave both Chirada and Suparna staggered, so make sure you take advantage and attack aggressively while they’re down.

Defeat both Chirad and Suparna and it’s time to take on Benedikta herself. Put an end to her smoking hotness once and for all! Once you defeat her, you’ll absorb her Garuda Eikon into yourself and will be able to use its powers for the rest of the game.

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