Honkai: Star Rail Imbibitor Lunae banner: Release date, abilities, and more

Harness the power of the Dragon.

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Imbibitor Lunae is a highly-awaited five-star character coming to Honkai: Star Rail, following the Path of Destruction and dealing Imaginary damage.

He was officially revealed as an upcoming playable character in art on July 4, with the developer giving key information on him such as his element and Path, but also on his background.

Imbibitor Lunae isn’t the name of the character, but his title, which refers to important functions he carries out such as “guarding the Ambrosial Arbor”, bearing the “Azure Dragon’s legacy,” and “bringing forth clouds and rain.”

There are chances we met him through the game’s main quests before being able to add him to our roster. Still, there’s much more we don’t know about Imbibitor Lunae. For one, whether he’s related to Dan Heng.

Does Imbibitor Lunae’s banner have a release date in Honkai: Star Rail?

Official Character Announcement: Imbibitor Lunae (✦5 The Destruction: Imaginary)
by u/Bisentinel in HonkaiStarRail

Imbibitor Lunae was officially revealed on July 4, but leaks first surfaced even before Honkai‘s launch back in May. There’s still no word on a possible release date, unfortunately.

Since he’s been announced, many players think he’ll be featured in the Character Warp after Kafka and Blade, who’ve already been revealed previously and are expected to release alongside the next patch, 1.2.

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Imbibitor Lunae’s abilities in Honkai: Star Rail

Imbibitor Lunae levitates in combat. Image by Mero via HoYoverse

Although the developer has yet to reveal more about Imbibitor Lunae’s playstyle, his Element and Path aside, the character’s abilities already surfaced via leaks. Here they are:

Basic attack: Deals Imaginary damage to one enemy via two successive attacks. Skill: Strengthens Basic attack up to three times. It doesn’t require skill points to be used. Ultimate: Deals Imaginary damage to a target and those adjacent to it. Gives a resource that allows using skills without points. Talent: Increases damage received by Imbibitor Lunae after using his basic attack, up to five times. Technique: Gains the way to use skills without points.

Those abilities still lack some precision. We don’t know how precisely Imbibitor Lunae can strengthen his basic attack, and which resource he uses if not skill points. The other example of that is Blade, who can sacrifice HP to use abilities without using skill points, but it’s unclear what it’ll entail for Lunae.

And here are the character’s Eidolons, according to more leaks:

E1: Raises the maximum cap of stacks. E2: When using the Basic Attack, Imbibitor Lunae will recover HP. E3: Ultimate and Talent gain Two Levels with a maximum of 15. E4: Effects of the Ultimate last until the end of the next turn. E5: Skill gains Two Levels with a maximum of 15, and Basic Attack gains One Level, up to 10. E6: After using the Ultimate, Imbibitor Lunae has a 100-percent base chance of becoming Advanced Forward and gains one more resource for using skills.

There’s still very little information players can get on Imbibitor Lunae, even including leaks that have surfaced.

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