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Hogwarts Legacy has finally fixed one of its most annoying issues

There’s something else to hear beside how inconvenient travel was before Floo Powder.

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Ignatia Wildsmith is considered among the most hated characters in Hogwarts Legacy thanks to her limited lines of dialogue that are repeated whenever a player passes by her location. But it seems Avalanche Software has taken players’ complaints seriously and has finally fixed her with the flurry of changes brought in the latest patch on May 5.

As the inventor of the Floo Powder, Ignatia Wildsmith’s talking mural is present in every Floo Flames location on the map. Since she is the only source providing fast travel points in the game, players have to put up with her annoying quotes.

Players often complained about her nagging on Reddit. Her “You can’t imagine how inconvenient travel was before I invented Floo powder” saying frustrated many players. “Mate, with you constantly repeating it every time I enter a new area, you have no idea how inconvenient it is now that you have!” one player said.

Hogwarts Legacy players have crowned Ignatia Wildsmith the most hated character in the series
by u/tomandoroid in PS5

Avalanche Software had tried to address this issue before by lowering the frequency of Ignatia’s voice lines. But now, the devs have gone in the other direction and added extra dialogue to her character to decrease her monotony.

Ignatia Wildsmith has new voice lines added to her existing repertoire. She will now be able to shout at players with a more variety of quips. An example of her new voice line can be found when Ignatia responds to players after Cragcroft is first discovered. At that time, she will talk about the Lord of the Shore and also refer to San Bakar’s trial featuring Graphornn.

While this change has been welcomed by the Hogwarts Legacy community, others like the restriction on where players can cast unforgivable curses have been received negatively. Still with the developers actively releasing frequent updates and fixes, the game seems to have a long life ahead of it.

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