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Hogwarts Legacy Rowland’s Map: How to find where the goblins took Rowland Oakes

You must rescue him from a goblin dungeon.

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“The Tale of Rowland Oakes” is a side quest in Hogwarts Legacy handed out by Adelaide Oakes that features a rather vague map that players must decipher to find Rowland Oakes. Rowland’s map is one of many such map-based puzzles that Hogwarts Legacy challenges players to solve throughout their journey.

If you’re here because you’re having trouble solving Rowland’s Map, don’t stress anymore, because this guide will help you find Rowland. Here’s everything you need to know to find Rowland and complete “The Tale of Rowland Oakes” in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to start “The Tale of Rowland Oakes” quest in Hogwarts Legacy

You will receive a letter in your Owl Post from Adelaide Oakes after you complete the main quest “The Helm Of Urtkot” in Hogwarts Legacy and you’ll need to head to the north area of the Transfiguration Courtyard to speak to her. You’ll find out that her uncle Rowland hasn’t gotten in touch with her ever since he mentioned problems with radical goblins and she is concerned that he might be in trouble.

After the conversation is done, Rowland’s campsite will be marked on your map and there’s a way you can get there fast. All you have to do is fast-travel to the Floo Flame at Jackdaw’s Tomb and hop on your broom for the rest of the trip. A lot of players, however, can’t find where the goblins took Rowland, so we’ll focus on that next.

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How to find where the goblins took Rowland Oakes

After getting to Rowland’s camp, you must defeat the goblins that have taken over his camp. Once you’re done with the goblins, collect Rowland’s map on top of a box sitting in the north part of the campsite, which you must use to find where he is.

Where is Rowland in Hogwarts Legacy?

Rowland’s map has a river, a rock formation, and a crooked tree, and it leads to a dungeon marked with a red “X.” If you simply hop on your broom and follow the river in the direction the map has pointed out, you should find the goblin outpost where he’s been held.

Screengrab via Avalanche Software

How to find Rowland Oakes’ exact location in Hogwarts Legacy

If you’re having difficulties, the goblin outpost is located in the southwest of Rowland’s camp, when you open your own map in Hogwarts Legacy. Rowland is in Korrow Ruins and the dungeon is located north of the Korrow Ruins Floo Flame.

You can be sneaky with your broom and enter the goblin outpost without any goblins seeing you. But if one does spot you, you’re in for a camp-wide battle to take them down.

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Finding Rowland Oakes’ location within the goblin camp

Find the room with a large beam of light and go downstairs through the door on the left, and follow the tunnel to find Rowland locked in a cell. If you listen closely as you wander through the location, you’ll likely hear Rowland speaking, which can help guide you to his location.

You won’t be able to free Rowland just yet as you’ll need to take down some goblins upstairs in the boiler room and collect Rowland’s wand to give it back to him and finish the quest.

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