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Hogwarts Legacy Ghost of Our Love location: Map with floating candles solution

The treasure in the end makes it worth your time.

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Ghost of Our Love is a side quest in Hogwarts Legacy that is a run-of-the-mill treasure hunt using a vague map with floating candles. It becomes available after completing ‘The Hunt For The Missing Pages,’ a main quest from Nearly Headless Nick.

Once you start the quest, you’ll receive a treasure map showing a forest, a bridge, and floating candles. It’s a puzzle that needs to be solved to show you where to find the treasure and complete the quest.

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Knowing how it works is one thing, but actually solving it can be a bit of a head-scratcher, considering how vast the map is. There are countless areas to explore, but only one of them is the correct solution.

Here’s how to complete Ghost of Our Love in Hogwarts Legacy and find the map’s treasure.

Ghost of Our Love floating candles map solution in Hogwarts Legacy

The floating candle map is pointing toward one place and one place only—the Forbidden Forest. There are some extra steps, however.

First, you’ll need to go there at night. Then, you’ll need to look at the stone bridge near the Forbidden Forest Floo Flame, which is about halfway between Hogwarts and Hogsmeade.

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Image via Avalanche Software

How to solve the map with floating candles: step-by-step

Here’s how to find the treasure location for the map with floating candles:

Once you’re at the stone bridge near the entrance to Forbidden Forest, cast the Lumos spell. Three floating candles will spawn. Follow the floating candles. Keep in mind they’ll continue on their way without you, so don’t get sidetracked. They’ll lead you to a treasure chest not too far into the Forbidden Forest. Open it and retrieve the Treasure-Seeker’s Scarf, which will complete the Ghost of Our Love quest.

The Treasure-Seeker’s Scarf looks snazzy, giving your witch or wizard a totally unique look fitting for an adventurer and explorer, hence the name. It also has the added effect of boosting damage or defence, depending on its stats.

And if you’d like to continue the Treasure-Seeker’s collection, you can get the Longcoat by completing the Solved by the Bell quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

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