Fortnite Only Up map code: How to play the viral hit in Fortnite?

Look up, you’ll see Fortnite Chapter one!

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Warming up your sweaty Fortnite parkour before taking on enemy loopers in the popular battle royale experience is now as easy as loading up a free Creative 2.0 map, all thanks to the Only Up!-inspired experience which recently went viral.

If you are wondering what Only Up! is, you have been missing out on a gripping 3D platformer game inspired by the popular “Jack and the Beanstalk” folk tale that doesn’t just put your movement skills to the test but also stirs your stoicism and intelligence.

An indie game launched on Steam in May 2023, Only Up! went on to attract the attention of many gamers who love challenging themselves. And now, it’s available in Fortnite. Here’s everything you need to hop right into the exciting Creative 2.0 map.

What is the island code for OnlyUp Fortnite Creative 2.0 map? 

Only Up! is an addictive experience. Image via SCKR Games.

Lucky for those who want to try Only Up! for free or simply experience the viral parkour-based platformer inside their favorite battle royale game, a creator named ARMY has developed and deployed a close-enough clone of the patience-testing game using Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN).

To play Only Up! in Fortnite, use this island code 4366-9611-6988. You can also find the island under the Discover section, considering how popular it’s at the moment, or check out the Deathrun category to find it.

How to play the OnlyUp Fortnite Creative 2.0 map?

Open the Island Code tab and enter the island code for OnlyUp Fortnite. When the OnlyUp Fortnite page pops up, click on Play. Make sure to select the Private Game mode and then hit Play again.

The OnlyUp Fortnite map is reminiscent of the Battle Royale’s Chapter one map, also known by its code name Athena, embedded with several features that will hit long-time fans.

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As you climb up the objects, pass the edgy obstacles, and jump around to discover the shortest path to the peak, you’ll come across iconic features from the game’s first ten seasons, including a basketball court, cornfield, toilets from Flush Factory on a Conveyer Belt, Kevin’s Cube, and several more easter eggs for players to discover.

To help you track your progress, you’ll also see a timer and an altitude meter—you’ll have to climb a little over 3700 meters to reach the top.

While you may feel slightly dizzy because of how the features are angled as you climb higher, the goal is to avoid falling. If you fall, you’ll have to start over from the ground—there are no safe checkpoints to mend a mistake.

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