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Faker in process of receiving treatment for performance-affecting arm injury

The 11-year veteran divulged information about his condition to the media following today’s match.

For 11 seasons, Faker has been the star T1 has leaned on. Photo by Colin Young-Wolff via Riot Games

After today’s LCK Summer Split match against Nongshim RedForce, T1 mid laner Faker addressed the media and revealed that he has been struggling with an injury to his arm that’s been affecting his performance. 

While Faker did not fully disclose the details of his arm injury, he reassured fans by confirming that he was in the process of receiving treatment. 

Faker said that the injury has been affecting him since T1’s match against BRION on June 17, meaning the pain in his arm has been present for over two weeks. In that stretch, T1 are 4-1 in their matches, while Faker sports a KDA of 3.4, just one-tenth of a point below his season-wide average of 3.5, according to League stats site Oracle’s Elixir. 

Faker is by no means the first League star to experience issues with his arms and wrists. In 2021, DAMWON mid laner Showmaker received treatment for a wrist injury, and in 2019, a shoulder injury played a factor in the eventual hiatus of then-RNG AD carry Uzi.  

Faker, who is one of the longest-tenured active players in professional League, has competed practically weekly since his debut in 2013. T1 made no comment regarding a possible leave of absence for Faker, although recovery time could be expected if the star’s condition worsens. 

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After playing the final match of week four of the LCK Summer Split, T1 will be back on the schedule on the first day of week five. That three-day turnaround doesn’t give Faker much time to rest up and allow his arm to regain strength. The team will be back out on the LCK stage on July 5 against DRX, and fans should expect some kind of update on the star mid laner’s health prior to that match.

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