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FF16 Sekhret location, how to beat the Minotaur, and rewards

Get you some Minotaur Mane.

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Finding and beating hunts, formally referred to as Notorious Marks in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16), is a great way to earn experience, Gil, and unique materials. That’s probably why you’re here, particularly to learn where you can find and slay Sekhret, the fearsome Minotaur.

Sekhret’s a big ol’ beast, with some long horns and even some defined abs, which appear to be the size of Torgal. Good for him. Sekhret can be an annoying hunt to find, because he, like other similar creatures, is kind of tucked in a corner of the map.

So here’s my guide on how to not only find Sekhret but beat him and hang his mighty impressive horns on your wall as a trophy (note: you don’t get to mount Sekhret’s horns in your bedroom in FF16).

Exact Sekhret the Minotaur location in FF16

If you’re farming EXP in the swamps, you may run into Sekhret by accident. Screenshot and remix by Dot Esports.

To find Sekhret, I suggest you first fast travel to Martha’s Rest. From there, I would place a marker where I did on the map, like the one right above this paragraph. In my opinion, having a marker helps you just always know if you’re at least heading in the right direction if you get turned around for whatever reason.

Once you have that marker set, head due north across the bridge. Once cross the bridge, continue north, go down the two sets of stairs, and turn left. There will be a gap between some bushes, which you should go through and then turn right. There, you will find Sekhret pacing back and forth. If you’re ready to fight him, continue ahead until you trigger the Notorious Mark screen that displays his name, rank (B), and bounty (8,200 Gil and 20 Renown).

How to beat Sekhret the Minotaur in FF16

Sekhret’s body may be big, but his brain isn’t. He’s pretty angry, which means he’ll sprint at you in a fit of rage after a little warcry, which is your cue to get out of his way. The best way to do this is to time it so you can evade when he gets close and counter with a strike, dealing a little extra damage.

Sekhret also usually charges multiple times consecutively, tiring himself out, so when he seems like he needs a breather, I’d close the distance with Phoenix Shift, hit him with a few combos and abilities, and then regroup farther away to see what he does next and allow for your abilities to recharge.

The reason I wouldn’t suggest staying super close to Sekhret all of the time is he can drain your health bar pretty quickly if he lands some of his big moves. Other than his charge, he will swing his giant club with his right hand (his right, your left) from the ground to the sky. The windup for this strike isn’t as long as his charge, so be careful to either evade it or just move to his left enough or behind him to avoid it.

Sekhret’s most annoying ability, however, is when he spins wildly with the club extended (like a hammer throw in the Olympics). If you don’t get out of the way of this one, you’re going to take a lot of damage. Fortunately, he swings the club over his head three times before beginning his spin, so you will know when it’s coming.

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Like the charge, you can choose to evade this with R1, and I would suggest, if nothing else, to try evading these single club strikes because they can be timed a lot easier than his charges and you’re going to be a lot closer to him to deliver counterblows than you may be after he charges past you.

When you notice Sekhret’s gearing up for his spin, I’d get way back and spam your long-distance magic with Triangle to eat away at his HP. Also, the spin shouldn’t be so fast that you can’t time the evade a few times. Countering with a strike could open yourself up to taking some damage, though, so pick your spots wisely here.

Best of luck to you on the hunt for the Minotaur!

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