Dupreeh seemingly confirms which team he’s joining for CS2

Dupreeh may have inadvertently confirmed reports of his CS2 team.

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CS:GO legend dupreeh lashed out on Twitter at leaks that have flooded the news feed this past week, and by doing so, more or less confirmed which team he will play for in CS2.

What is believed to be the last CS:GO offseason is proving to be quite intense. With some transfers confirmed and many more rumored to be on the cusp of completion, even usually composed players are being affected by the rapid fire of information.

On June 26, we reported that five-time CS:GO Major champion dupreeh is the centerpiece around which TSM plans to build its roster for a glorious CS2 comeback. Not long after, the Danish superstar posted a tweet that strongly backs this report.

In his tweet, dupreeh proclaims his disappointment at the CS:GO scene’s “unprofessional” behavior. He goes on to say that the “absurd amount of leaks” are all because “people can’t shut up and keep things just a tad confidential”.

While the replies to this tweet represent an interesting debate on the mechanisms behind esports reporting and journalism as a whole, there’s more to be drawn from dupreeh’s statement than his views on the industry.

This message comes immediately after the media began reporting en masse that dupreeh is TSM’s main CS2 target. Notably, the player does not condemn the reports or the reporters, but the people leaking the information to the press. The focus of dupreeh’s wrath is a strong indicator that the reports of him joining TSM are indeed true.

We can’t claim the deal is done until an official announcement is made, but following dupreeh’s comments, his move to TSM immediately became the strongest as of yet unconfirmed leak currently floating around. The same can’t be said about TSM’s other reported targets, syrsoN, and JACKZ, but the rule of thumb is that if one domino falls, others are likely to follow.

TSM would be a nostalgia-inducing name to see in CS2 esports, especially if dupreeh is also on board. The player and the organization have a history together, as TSM was the last team dupreeh and his teammates played for before becoming a founding member of Astralis’s CS:GO team in 2016.

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