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Draenei Warlocks are coming to WoW in Patch 10.1.5, and players only have one thing on their minds 

It’s something we need!

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World of Warcraft’s The Fractures in Time patch will feature a new Evoker specialization, a megadungeon called Dawn of the Infinite, and plenty of Warlock changes, including the option for Draenei to finally wield the Fel magic. While this is exciting in itself, WoW players can’t stop rambling about one Warlock feature they desperately want with the July 11 update.

In a July 5 Reddit post, players begged Blizzard Entertainment to add the option for Draenei to have red skin tones.

Normally, Draenei’s skin is blue, and adding a red skin tone to their character customization would definitely deepen their lore and add more flavor to Draenei Warlocks. The red-skinned Draenei in WoW’s lore are Draenei that sided with Sargeras’ Burning Legion and adopted the ways of the Fel to destroy the world.

If the devs followed through with this fan-request, the Draenei Warlock fantasy would be perfect and it would be using the already-built WoW lore in just the right way. 

Eredar can be found at the Broken Isles. Screenshot by Dot Esports

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At first glance, this seems like yet another skin tone, but in reality, this would have far greater consequences for the game. If Blizzard were to introduce the red skin tone for Draenei, this would mean that the Demonic Eredar would be, in one way or the other, joining the Alliance.

Although this may sound like a great idea with the Burning Legion being defeated and Sargeras being held a prisoner by Illidan Stormrage somewhere far far away, the lore implications and consequences here would be just too great—the Alliance consolidating with the demons.

So far, Blizzard hasn’t commented on this idea, but I can only assume the redeemed Eredar Warlocks are not coming to the game any time soon. Normally, the WoW devs love to tie their game design decisions with lore, and if you really think about it, the Alliance has no real reasons to take in the army of demons that’s been hunting them for over 20,000 years. 

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