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Dota 2 Berlin Major live updates: Full schedule, scores, and standings

Enter the darkness alongside Dota 2’s best.

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The best and brightest in Dota 2’s competitive scene are in mid-season form and ready to tackle a brand new patch at the Dota Pro Circuit’s Berlin Major.

In the DPC’s return to Western Europe, 18 of the world’s strongest teams will battle it out for positioning in the race for The International 12. And it will all be done on Patch 7.33b, which dropped less than 12 hours before the Major began.

From April 26 to 30, teams will be split into two groups of nine to face off in the group stage—with only six teams from each group moving on to the playoffs. Those playoffs will run from May 1 to 7 and feature meta-shaping Dota that may be built throughout the event because of how recent this new patch is. 

Patch 7.33 went live on April 20, reworking a majority of Dota’s heroes, items, and several key mechanics. It also expanded the map by 40 percent and shuffled several objectives around to new locations while also adding more. This was compounded by the release of 7.33b several days later on April 25, which made more adjustments.

That new patch feel should lead to a lot of experimentation and volatility throughout the Berlin Major, so here is an overview so you can keep up with all of the action—including the tournament format, live standings, and where to watch matches.

Dota 2 Berlin Major live updates: Full schedule, scores, and standings

Dota 2 Berlin Major tournament format overview

18 teams will be separated into two groups of nine. Teams play against each other in a single round-robin format. All group stage matches are best of two. The top four seeded teams from each group will advance to the upper bracket of the playoffs. Fifth and sixth-place teams will start the playoff in the lower bracket while the remaining teams will be eliminated. The group stage will start on April 26 and end on April 30. Playoffs will begin on May 1 and end on May 7.

Dota 2 Lima Major prize pool and DPC points payout

Teams will be competing for a $500,000 prize pool and 2,700 DPC points at the Berlin Major. That is an increase from the Lima Major’s 1,900 DPC points due to how the season scales and gives out more points at each consecutive Major—meaning the Bali Major in July will offer even more. 

To earn any prize money or DPC points, participating rosters will have to at least finish seventh in the event. This is a chance for certain teams to almost guarantee a spot at TI12 depending on how many points they have already collected over the year.

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Dota 2 Berlin Major full main event results and live match scores

Placement Team Prize
First Gaimin Gladiators $200,000 + 500 DPC Points
Second Team Liquid $100,000 + 450 DPC Points
Third 9Pandas $75,000 + 400 DPC Points
Fourth Evil Geniuses $50,000 + 350 DPC Points
Fifth Tundra Esports, OG $25,000 + 300 DPC Points
Seventh Team Aster, Talon Esports $12,500 + 200 DPC Points
Ninth Team Spirit, Xtreme Gaming, Shopify Rebellion, PSG.LGD N/A
13th BetBoom Team, beastcoast N/A
15th Execration, Team SMG N/A
17th TSM, Invictus Gaming N/A

Dota 2 Berlin Major full playoff scores and standings

Upper Bracket Quaterfinals Gaimin Gladiators vs Team Spirit: GG 2-0 OG vs Team Liquid: OG 2-1 9 Pandas vs Shopify Rebellion: 9P 2-0 Tundra Esports vs PSG.LGD: Tundra 2-1 Lower Bracket Round One Spirit vs Team Aster: Aster 2-0 Liquid vs Xtreme Gaming: Liquid 2-1 Shopify vs Evil Geniuses: EG 2-0 LGD vs Talon Esports: Talon 2-0 Upper Bracket Semifinals GG vs OG: GG 2-0 9P vs Tundra: 9P 2-1 Lower Bracket Round Two Aster vs Liquid: Liquid 2-0 EG vs Talon: EG 2-0 Lower Bracket Quarterfinals Tundra vs Liquid: Liquid 2-0 OG vs EG: EG 2-1 Lower Bracker Semifinal Liquid vs EG: 2-0 Liquid Upper Bracket Final GG vs 9P: 2-0 GG Lower Bracket Final 9P vs Liquid: Liquid 2-1 Grand Final GG vs Liquid: GG 3-1

Dota 2 Berlin Major full group stage scores and standings

Group A

Placement Team Name Match Record (W/D/L) Seed
1st Gaimin Gladiators 5-3-0 Upper Bracket
2nd 9 Pandas 2-6-0 Upper Bracket
3rd Team Liquid 3-4-1 Upper Bracket
4th PSG.LGD 3-3-2 Upper Bracket
5th Team Aster 2-4-2 Lower Bracket
6th Evil Geniuses 2-4-2 Lower Bracket
7th BetBoom Team 1-6-1 Eliminated
8th Execration 1-2-5 Eliminated
9th TSM 0-2-6 Eliminated

Group B

Placement Team Name Match Record (W/D/L) Seed
1st Tundra Esports 6-2-0 Upper Bracket
2nd OG 4-4-0 Upper Bracket
3rd Team Spirit 3-5-0 Upper Bracket
4th Shopify Rebellion 3-4-1 Upper Bracket
5th Talon Esports 2-3-3 Lower Bracket
6th Xtreme Gaming 2-2-4 Lower Bracket
7th beastcoast 1-3-4 Eliminated
8th Team SMG 1-2-5 Eliminated
9th Invictus Gaming 0-3-5 Eliminated

ll Dota 2 Berlin Major schedule and where to watch

The Dota 2 Berlin Major will be officially streamed by ESL in English and Spanish across Twitch and YouTube. There is also a Chinese stream available on Huya. 

English ESL Dota 2 ESL Dota 2 Ember ESL Dota 2 Storm ESL Dota 2 Earth ESL Dota 2 YT
Spanish ESB Dota 2A ESB Dota 2B ESL Dota 2C ESL Dota 2D ESB Dota 2 YT

If there is no official stream in your preferred language you can always search Twitch to find players and commentators re-streaming the Dota 2 matches on their personal channels and covering the games that way.

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