Does the Starfield physical edition include a disc?

The initial information about it was wrong.

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After a lot of confusion in the first days of Starfield‘s pre-sale, developer Bethesda has clarified the exact pre-order bonuses for players—including which versions come with a physical disc.

Nowadays it’s rare to see companies selling games with classic physical discs due to the sheer amount of online platforms for PC like Steam and the Epic Store. Big console manufacturers Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo also sell consoles that come with digital-only support, making disc releases less than vital.

If you’re old-school and want to own a Starfield disc, you’ll have to watch out to pre-order the right option. Don’t worry, I was also looking to nab one for myself.

What physical editions of Starfield include a disc?

The information on Starfield‘s pre-order bonus page was incorrect when it first went live, but Bethesda clarified it on June 26.

The only Starfield physical edition that comes with a disc is the Xbox’s Standard Edition. Unfortunately, the same physical edition for PC will not include a disc, and those who order it will have to settle with a digital download code for Starfield.

If you’re hoping to get a disc by ordering either the PC or Xbox version of Starfield Constellation Edition, that option is also unavailable. All versions of this edition will only include a digital download code.

Starfield will launch worldwide for PC and Xbox Series X/S on Sept. 6. If you’re not sure you want to buy the game, there’s a way to play it from day one without acquiring a copy—as long as you have an active Xbox Games Pass subscription.

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