Diablo 4 players think they have found the fix to the game’s horrible visibility issues

Who needs to see the screen, anyway?

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Status popups are causing such a big visibility issue in Diablo 4 that players have today started demanding Blizzard add a toggle that turns them off completely.

Grinding through Nightmare Dungeons is hard enough without seeing the names of all the items that have dropped and the crowd-controlling status popups. When your screen is covered in words and the constant flashes of “Vulnerable” or “Fortified,” it creates a severe visibility issue, as Redditor EvilSqueegee shared in a July 4 video.

One problem Diablo 4 players say is the worst with this is it’s hard to see any AoE spells on the ground, like poison puddles, so it can make it challenging to figure out where they start and end, let alone actually dodge them.

Why can’t I turn of “VULNERABLE,” “FORTIFIED,” “DODGE,” etc text? I can’t see through it
by u/EvilSqueegee in Diablo

To fix this issue, players have suggested Blizzard add a feature allowing them to toggle on or off these status messages. But, given the aftermath of Overwatch 2’s PvE mishap, many fans have such little faith in the Blizzard developers—across any title too, mind you—that there are fears these demands will never actually be heard.

Others worry greed may win out at Blizzard HQ, with some suggesting the feature may eventually arrive as part of a premium package or even in a battle pass.

And, like any time Blizzard cops a spray from players, some joked the company is just a small indie developer, the technology for this feature hasn’t been invented yet, and we’re basically asking them to develop warp drive.

Jokes aside, having a toggle-off feature to turn off these status messages in Diablo 4 would be a quality-of-life improvement that could well be game-changing and help definitely help the visual clutter in this visually beautiful game.

Blizzard has yet to respond to any concerns over “clutter” in Diablo.

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