Diablo 4 players have reached a point where they’re obliterating world bosses in 15 seconds

This is Diablo in all of its glory.

Image via Diablo on Twitter

If you need more motivation to grind your Diablo 4 character until it’s overpowered, look no further than this incredible world boss victory—a feat that took just 15 seconds today.

A band of intrepid Diablo 4 grinders went up against a world boss this week, as shown in the celebration video they posted on Reddit on June 28, and absolutely blew the poor thing away before it had a chance to think.

Usually, if a monster is a world boss, the fight would be hard-fought. But these gamers made it seem like it was just a random monster that popped up and they just had to eliminate it because it was there.

Someone melted a World Boss in 15 seconds
by u/stso in diablo4

In particular, Diablo fans were stunned by the Necromancer and Druid damage. Looking at the video, the damage really comes in once the Bone Spears hit the boss. By that, we can conclude the Necromancer is using a Bone Spear build that has a high critical rate and critical damage, which certainly would have helped.

However, we shouldn’t overlook the people providing consistent damage.

While the Necromancer provides burst, the Druids and the others provide sustained damage to slowly kill the world boss. The Druids look to be using Tornado builds, which is one of the best builds for Druids that can take a little time to ramp up.

These Diablo warriors and their 15-second glory prove finding the right build is crucial in the latest Blizzard sequel, so you better get working on that now!

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