Diablo 4 players are already ‘completely burnt out’ just weeks after game’s release 

Sanctuary is huge, but are dungeons enough to keep players satisfied?

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Blizzard’s aspirations of turning Diablo 4 into a long-running live service game are lofty, with upcoming seasons adding new content and requiring players to start a new character to progress battle passes.

But for some players, the burnout has begun before season one could even launch. A recent Reddit post illustrates how some players are feeling, with the main complaint being the repetitiveness of the game’s dungeons.

I’m less than half way through the 100+ dungeons and I’m totally burnt out
by u/Swordbreaker925 in Diablo

The Reddit poster in question says that they’re feeling “totally burnt out” on the game even though they’re less than halfway through the game’s 100-plus dungeons and “have no desire to continue.”

“Who thought it was a good idea to have this many dungeons and have them all be so bland and samey?” the Redditor said. “Why not 10-15 unique dungeons instead of 100-plus dungeons that are sure to burn out the average player?”

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Diablo 4’s dungeons differ in a handful of ways but are largely the same. Players enter the area, clear out enemies, and complete an objective or two before fighting a final boss and earning a loot chest.

Some players had some suggestions for the original poster, pointing out that the game offers ways to keep things interesting in fresh by way of playing dungeons only when they’re in an active Helltide zone, or by using Nightmare Sigils to turn them into the more difficult and more rewarding Nightmare Dungeons.

“Only do the ‘absolutely necessary’ dungeons for each class’ aspects plus a few additional ones that are required by side quests (if you even are doing side quests) and leave the rest for nightmare dungeons,” another player said. “Most sane and anti-burnout-ish approach indeed.”

While players in the thread had varying opinions on burnout, what’s fun in Diablo 4, and how to enjoy the game the most, it seems the majority could come to an agreement on a couple of things: dungeon design, and preferring Diablo 3’s Rifts.

“Dungeon design is definitely a weak point,” one player said, garnering nearly 400 upvotes and a Reddit award.

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“It’s either kill everything in this area where you will eventually backtrack because you don’t know the map, kill X elite monsters which you will invariably backtrack or get X item which will require that you inevitably backtrack,” one player said. “Rifting and grifting were just go brr fill bar.”

For now, it seems as though players experiencing burnout may need to take a break from the ARPG before the game’s first season begins. Season one of Diablo 4 is due to arrive sometime in July.

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