Diablo 4 ‘no lifers’ are causing big trouble in PvP despite dev safeguards

PvP areas need a ‘proceed with caution’ sign.

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Diablo 4 players are experiencing even more hell than they should be (nudge, nudge) in PvP areas, with many constantly being pitted against high-level enemies despite prelaunch promises from Blizzard developers that “level buckets,” or safeguards, were in place.

In one of Diablo 4’s prelaunch streams, the developers touched on PvP and said it wasn’t an area for honor, as players could be killed by enemy groups working together or even simply be taken out while farming for materials. However, the devs assured viewers there would be ‘level buckets’ to ensure low-level players wouldn’t be matched with high-level pros.

However, considering the complaints popping up again today, many Diablo 4 fans are beginning to suspect this may not actually be the case.

In World Tier Three this week, some players are experiencing literal hell as they’re forced to face high-level players in the PvP areas, including a level 64 player who had to fight level 100s. If there are actually level buckets in place, fans say, this shouldn’t be happening as it’s now created an unbalanced experience.

The whole thing is a little tricky to pin down because Diablo’s developers never explicitly explained what these level buckets were, so this could be anything from “no lifers” simply taking advantage of the system to a bug that needs patching.

As of today, Blizzard has not addressed either side of that coin.

One fix for the issue could be to level-cap the World Tiers so, if you’re too high and have exceeded the requirements for that tier, you would be pushed into progressing into the next World Tier. But that isn’t reasonably fair, especially for those who want to play with friends of a low level or help their friends level alts.

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In my eyes, the easiest fix is to calmly and quickly retreat from the PvP area if you see a level 100 player because you’ll sign up for dishonor and slaughter if you remain there.

There are likely supposed to be level buckets for Diablo 4’s PvP areas, but there seems to be an issue with the PvP level restrictions.

If you’re experiencing this, enter Diablo’s PvP areas at your own risk.

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