Diablo 4 Whispering Pines dungeon location and how to clear it

Druids, this one’s for you.

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The Whispering Pines is a dungeon in Diablo 4. It contains lots of annoying enemies, including spiders, spider hosts, thorn beasts, shamans, overseers, and giant tree monsters, but it’s worth the trouble for Druids since it offers the Ballistic Aspect as a reward. The Ballistic Aspect has been useful in my build because it makes Earth Skills gain two Ranks when you have Fortify, so I highly recommend completing it.

If you’re brave enough to delve into the depths of The Whispering Pines, help will go a long way. You’ll need to know where to find it and how to complete it, including the boss.

Where to find the Whispering Pines dungeon in Diablo 4

The Whispering Pines is located in the Dead Forest area of the Wild Highlands in Scosglen. The easiest way to get there in my experience was fast-traveling to the waypoint in Timair near Lilith’s Altar and heading southeast to the location on the map below.

The Whispering Pines isn’t too hard to find. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Slay the Gatekeepers

The first objective in The Whispering Pines is to eliminate two elite Gatekeepers, Borik and Rorka. You can find them in the Grieving Woods area of the dungeon. They both use a saw-like weapon that can deal lots of damage, so I strongly suggest moving around as much as possible.

Borik has a lethal combination of AoE and single-target moves that deal Explosive, Mortar, and Fire damage. That said, the attack patterns were easy to read and dodge, so I don’t think it’ll pose much of a threat. Rorka, on the other hand, deals Shock, Lightning, and Electric damage and has more AoE skills up its sleeve, making it trickier.

Slay all enemies inside the Razed Keep

The second objective is to eliminate all the enemies in the Razed Keep, a maze-like area in the dungeon. To access it, you’ll need to interact with two levers blocking the door. Keep your wits about you, though. The moment you activate them, spikes will erupt around you. It caught me by surprise the first time and almost killed me. 

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Once you’ve done that, killing the enemies is a breeze. If you want to make it even easier though, you can activate the Conduit Shrine in the Razed Keep, allowing you to move faster and one-shot everything.

Defeat the Spiritcaller Of Squalls

The final objective is to take on the dungeon boss, Spiritcaller of Squalls, in the Fallen Sanctuary area. This boss uses a lot of ranged attacks, unleashing single and triple fire bolts in a direction. It also summons an army of allies to attack players. I found the projectiles to be easy to avoid, but the minions are frustrating and can easily overwhelm you if you aren’t careful.

The Spiritcaller Of Squalls is a formidable foe. Screenshot via Sipder on YouTube

The Spiritcaller of Squalls also summons pillars that turn its ranged attacks into large AoE ones, which can be tough to dodge. I recommend stocking up on healing potions because they can be quite lethal. The best strategy in my attempt was kiting it and chipping away at it from a distance.

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