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Date a Legend: LoL would have full dating sim if Riot Forge boss had his way

This could go either way.

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Rowan Parker, the big boss at Riot Games spinoff studio Riot Forge, has today admitted he would love to create more immersive and character-driven games, especially a League of Legends dating game featuring new romantic aspects for certain popular League champions.

MOBAs like League are very popular with their fans not only because of gameplay but also because players love the characters, rich backstories, and lore.

Parker believes a League dating sim would be amazing because it would offer an inside look into characters and provide a unique method of storytelling that hasn’t really been seen for the flagship Riot Games MOBA before.

But, he added, there would have to be restrictions regarding which characters appeared in any Runeterra dating sim considering the age of some League champions.

LoL players have plenty of favorites they’d want to talk to. Image via Riot Games

Although Parker is open to ideas and relatively eager, there hasn’t been anything officially announced yet—or even formally pitched, he admitted—when it comes to sim games. On top of this, the Riot Forge team is currently quite busy with several other titles.

Many of Riot Forge’s games, including Mageseeker, Convergence, and Ruined King, are character-driven and give in-depth looks at characters and stories from new perspectives, further creating connections to these characters.

Recently, Overwatch 2 found great success with a dating sim, Loverwatch, which offered a unique look into a few characters. It included multiple options and possible endings. On top of that, players earned rewards for their OW2 profiles.

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The closest Runeterra has come to anything along the same lines was during the Spirit Blossom event in 2022, though that was closer to an in-client visual novel than any official sim.

While it’s not in the works, players are hoping a Riot Forge League dating sim would steer close to OW2’s effort when it came to immersion and rewards.

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