Counter-Strike fans think it’s finally time for Valve to add special skins to CS2

It’s about time.

Screengrab by Dot Esports via Valve

CS:GO has a huge variety of skins, with each weapon having dozens added throughout the years via cases and collections. Now, with the release of Counter-Strike 2 looming, fans think it’s a perfect time to add a new type of skin.

The discussion began on Reddit on June 25, when one fan presented the idea to introduce team skins for squads who participated during official Valve-sponsored Majors. The original idea was about having team cases, but many people in the comments proposed another solution—team gloves.

It hasn’t been specified how the team gloves would work, but in our view, ideally, they’d have organizations’ logos printed on the palm of the hands. Many people in the discussion rallied behind that idea and pointed out certain benefits of it.

“Would’ve loved if major winners got team gloves,” the top comment reads. “They [Valve] need more ways for teams to make money and create content through the game itself. Valve will suffer if CS loses its orgs,” another one added.

This idea would create special team gloves to replace the default leather ones. Image via Valve

It’s no secret that players who qualify for a CS:GO Major make a lot of money due to in-game stickers, with partial revenue from player stickers going directly to the individuals. The proposal to introduce team gloves would see the revenue to work on a similar basis—sharing a part of earned money directly to the organizations participating in a Major.

When CS:GO celebrated its 10th birthday on August 16, 2022, Valve released a blog post. The company revealed that in the past 12 months players and teams earned over $70 million via “massive community support,” which is mostly stickers.

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With the release of CS2 on the horizon since the game is expected to launch sometime in the Summer this year, such a change would definitely be a healthy one for the scene. The developers over at Valve’s headquarters have plenty of time to give this idea a thought since the first CS2 Major will be held in March 2024 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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