Can you repair the Master Sword in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

The iconic sword starts off as a shell of its former self.

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The Master Sword is one of the most iconic items from the Legend of Zelda franchise. Players got to experience what it would be like to wield it in 2017’s Breath of the Wild. In that title, the Master Sword was unbreakable, unlike any other weapon Link could find in Hyrule. But in Tears of the Kingdom, the Master Sword is shattered in the opening cutscene, leaving players to wonder if they can actually ever repair it.

Fortunately for players, the Master Sword will not stay broken for the entirety of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. But the process of getting the iconic sword back to its former glory is not an easy one. I will explain more about that in the guide below.

Repairing the Master Sword in Tears of the Kingdom

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In the opening cutscene of TOTK, we see Ganondorf melt the Master Sword down and then it ends up in your possession, residing in your inventory as two broken parts. But soon after, you give the sword to Zelda, who is waiting through a portal in a different time.

After this happens, you don’t have the Master Sword. If you want to get it back, you will have to wait quite a while.

There are several requirements, which are:

Finding every memory in the 11 Geoglyphs on the map Find the 12th memory in the Rist Peninsula Go to the top of the Light Dragon’s head Pull the Master Sword out of the dragon’s head

Being able to climb to the top of the Light Dragon is no easy feat, as it requires a ton of stamina (at least five stamina upgrades). You also have to find all 12 Geoglyph memories before attempting this. For players who accomplish those goals, though, you will be able to pull the Master Sword from the dragon’s head and add it to your inventory, fully repaired.

Does the Master Sword break in Tears of the Kingdom?

Like in Breath of the Wild, the Master Sword does not break when you use it too much. But after it runs out of energy, it will go into a 10-minute cooldown period before you can use it again.

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So, to answer the question, you can technically repair the Master Sword in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but not in the traditional sense. You simply have to wait until you can retrieve it and at that point, it will already be repaired for you.

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