Can’t keep up: Jett invisibility glitch makes competitive VALORANT a nightmare

Only thing worse than a fragging Jett is an invisible fragging Jett.

Screenshot via Riot Games

Heading into your VALORANT ranked games, nothing is more frightening than an insta-lock, Shorty-only Jett ruining your playing hour, or even worse, an enemy Jett stomping all over you and every member of your team.

Then, even worse, what if that Jett happens to be invisible?

One unfortunate VALORANT player experienced just that in a close game this week, where an enemy Jett was mostly hidden from view. The match, which the gamer shared on Reddit on July 3, basically devolved into watching their team’s backs so the strangely vanished Jett couldn’t flank and backstab them for the win.

Enemy Jett invisible entire comp match
by u/PicoMiko in VALORANT

Alongside the new episode release and VALORANT’s new agent, it seems bugs and glitches are rising again. This particular glitch with Jett is the imagined nightmare of any player who faced nothing but smurf players all day; both frightening and funny.

One key thing to note is the Jett is not fully invisible, as the July 3 clip shows. A portion of the gun skin still shows when they walk around, so a little floating end of a Judge gave away the invisible Jett’s position to lose the duel. The player facing down Jett said this happened for the entire game, so the little gun barrel trick must have been something they learned through the painful experiences of losing rounds to an invisible enemy.

Not only does this break the rules, but comments on the post show a more general frustration with new content always leading to new gamebreaking bugs or glitches.

The classic retort of Riot Games being a ‘small indie company’ is all over the post, but some others found the comedy in the moment, like jokingly theorizing that Jett’s father works at Riot, giving her access to this invisibility.

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As for other bugs and glitches that came to light in Episode Seven, coincidentally, another major one was shown off to the community on Ascent. But, instead of invisibility, it actually allows Deadlock to wallbang thick walls with her abilities, making post-plants extremely annoying from a defensive perspective.

If that bug is the most egregious new offensive glitch, this Jett invisibility bug has to be the most obvious and frustrating one over the course of an entire map.

Next time you load in, just hope and pray you won’t have to worry about an invisible VALORANT player ready to knife you without anyone on your team being any the wiser.

Riot has yet to comment on this particular VALORANT glitch.

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