Call of Duty’s RICOCHET anti-cheat cracks down on Cronus hardware cheating in MW2, Warzone 2

A necessary contingency plan.

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In Call of Duty, the biggest problem that most players have with the game is the unbounded amount of cheaters and hackers that populate every game mode, from regular quick play to ranked play. But in a new post, development teams have widened their net with Modern Warfare 2‘s anti-cheat system RICOCHET, which will now detect hardware cheating on all levels.

One of the most popular pieces of hardware is the Cronus, which is a third-party controller enhancer that gives players an unfair advantage through the use of scripts and mods. The Cronus, for example, allows users to reduce recoil, applies aim assist, and even has mods to convert semi-auto weapons to fully-auto.

If the RICOCHET system detects that cheating hardware is being used in either Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone 2, the user will be warned about using an unsupported device in their notifications tab.

Should the user continue to use the hardware, they will be given repeated warnings before mitigations are sent and account and feature suspensions are implemented. Repeat offenders will be punished by eventually having their accounts permanently banned across all Call of Duty titles.

These mitigations for repeat offenders are still being experimented with and will be used to push players away from these kinds of cheats. For example, cheaters will discover that when they fire at legitimate players, the opposing players will cloak for only them during the match. Another mitigation had cheaters lose all weapons and equipment during a game, while another had legit players gain an unbreakable shield when shot by a cheater.

Hopefully, these new changes will help curb the tide of cheaters, and help create a safer and competitively sound environment for all players to enjoy.

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