Call of Duty fans claim new Netflix movie is basically live-action Warzone

Thor is swapping his hammer for a rifle.

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It’s been eight years since Activision announced its live-action Call of Duty cinematic universe, and while there’s been no word on the long-awaited movie, CoD fans have discovered a new Netflix film that they claim is basically Warzone.

Released on June 16, Extraction 2 sees black ops mercenary Tyler Rake, played by Thor himself Chris Hemsworth, rescuing his ex-wife’s sister and her kids from a Georgian drug dealer. The flick is filled with high-octane action featuring trains, helicopters, explosions, and plenty of gunfire.

What makes Extraction 2 different from most action movies is its use of first-person perspective, which lets you see the world through the eyes of the character. It’s the same kind of view found in FPS games like Call of Duty, and fans of the series are convinced Extraction 2 is what a live-action Warzone movie would look like.

In a Reddit thread on June 19, fans of the legendary FPS series claimed the movie was “basically what would happen if they made a game out of Warzone 2,” praising it for its fun.

“The whole time I was watching this I kept thinking, ‘This is just live-action CoD’” wrote one impressed fan. “With all the different weapons, character skins, ‘contracts,’ and POIs, it’s practically an exact match.”

Others felt it represented one particular game mode in Warzone, saying: “Extraction 2 is literally just playing DMZ. Get swarmed by 100 dudes tossing molotovs at you, gotta shoot the skilled bad guys (Tier 3 AI) like 10 times to kill them, get chased by a helicopter while on the train…”

While Extraction 2 isn’t officially a Call of Duty movie, it’s not the first time there’s been talk of CoD on the silver screen. Back in 2015, Activision announced the intention of creating a cinematic universe around the franchise, with the first film originally slated for release in 2019.

Unfortunately, 2019 came and went with no word on a blockbuster Call of Duty film, and director Stefano Sollima confirmed in February 2020 that the movies were “no longer a priority” for publisher Activision.

Still, you can always create movie moments for yourself in DMZ, whether it’s breaking into hospitals or diving into dead drops on the new Vondel map—just don’t expect to see Hemsworth.

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