CS:GO pro shows OP wallbang on Inferno that will make people think you’re cheating

I’d report that.

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A casual CS:GO player has put to good use an Inferno wallbang that FaZe Clan star broky showcased to the world at the BLAST Premier World Final against G2 in December 2022.

Back then, however, we only knew of its potential as broky didn’t get a kill with it. Now, thanks to redditor /u/venturiq, we know that this wallbang from T Apartments to Car can warrant you a free kill in your Inferno games in CS:GO.

Venturiq recorded the wallbang kill and also showed it from the perspective of the CT player, who got annihilated without ever seeing an enemy on his screen while fighting for Banana control. If you wish to attempt this overpowered wallbang in your own matches, do it at the beginning of a round. It’s more likely that a CT will sit behind Car in the first seconds as they’ll throw nades to slow down the Terrorists arriving on Banana.

Car Wallbang With Enemy POV
by u/venturiq in GlobalOffensive

Inferno is one of the most popular maps in the CS:GO official rotation, so players are always trying to come up with new strategies to catch their enemies off-guard. Some tricks are discovered by professional players, but the community also actively finds new plays on its own.

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CS:GO will come to an end soon as Valve is working to release CS2 worldwide this summer as a free update. The developers have shown the work done in Dust II, Mirage, Nuke, and Office thus far in CS2, and Inferno is yet to be officially displayed, but we already know the map has been overhauled thanks to recent leaks.

It’s unknown if this wallbang will exist in CS2, so perhaps it’s better to enjoy it while you can in CS:GO.

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