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Blizzard outlines upcoming WoW Dragonflight changes for Retribution Paladins 

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Soon after the release of World of Warcraft Dragonflight Patch 10.0.5, Blizzard Entertainment announced that Retribution Paladins will be getting a rework with Patch 10.0.7. The community has found various leaks on the PTR, but Blizzard has now officially confirmed the direction its planning to move with Retribution Paladins.

On Feb. 7, one of the devs from the World of Warcraft team outlined in a Blue Post plans for Retribution Paladins in Patch 10.0.7. In the post, the dev mentioned changes to the Paladin class tree and Retribution Aura.

Retribution Aura will “grant five percent increased damage and healing for 10 seconds to all party or raid members whenever a party or raid member within 40 yards takes more than 50 percent of their health in damage.” So, it will easily become one of the high-priority utility spells in both Mythic+ dungeons and raids.

Aside from that, Retribution Paladins will have a new baseline passive to look forward to—Instrument of Retribution. Seraphim talent has been altogether removed from the Paladin talent tree. “In our previous notes, we mentioned stacking auras and having an excessive amount of buttons to press. Seraphim is a fairly large factor in both, and we feel it is better to take the throughput provided by this cooldown and build it into your core abilities,” the dev explained. As a result of the above, Divine Toll will become a talent in the Paladin class tree.

Unfortunately, Blizzard still hasn’t shared the full list of changes coming to Retribution Paladins in Patch 10.0.7, but the team promised to share in-depth development notes in the near future. Still, we have yet to see what will the team do about Retribution Paladin’s lack of survivability and lack of defensive cooldowns.

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