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Best weapons in Final Fantasy 16

All the strongest weapons for the early, mid, and late game.

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One of the exciting features of Final Fantasy 16 is the best weapons are ones you’ll craft or earn as a reward for completing quests. Unfortunately, the only weapon you’ll find in FF16 is a two-handed sword. Still, there are so many varieties, rarities, and stat variances you’ll almost forget you can only find and equip swords.

The best weapons in Final Fantasy 16, explained

For the most part, your best weapons in FF16 are your progression weapons, so Stormcry up to Everdark. However, you’ll get a few weapons through quests, Charon’s Toll, and the final two big weapons—Gotterdammerung and Ultimate.

Each of these weapons has different stats, requirements, recipes, and costs, which means there are ones that are beneficial throughout your early, mid, and late game adventures. In the tables below, I’ve listed the weapons by rank, up to five, with five being the absolute best.

Best early-game weapons 

You won’t get access to many outstanding weapons in the early game, but a few will be helpful as you start your journey across Valisthea.

Rank Weapon Prerequisites Ingredients Weapon Stats
One Stormcry Craftable after defeating Garuda in the Awakening main quest.  Wind Shard 135 Damage and 135 Stagger
Two Flametongue Craftable after defeating Ifrit in the main quest, Buried Memories. Fire Shard
180 Damage and 180 Stagger

Best mid-game weapons

In the mid-game, you’ll access more weapons through the progression sword and by completing quests. And there are some that you’ll be able to craft or buy from Charon’s Toll. 

Rank Weapon Prerequisites Ingredients Weapon Stats
One Levinbolt Craftable after obtaining the Lightning Shard after you defeat the Republican War Panther. Flametongue
Lightning Shard
190 Damage and 190 Stagger
Two Grindstone Craftable after defeating Hugo Kupla in the main quest, Capital Punishment. Levinbolt
Earth Shard
225 Attack Damage and 225 Stagger
Three Brightburn Craftable after defeating Dion and Bahamut in the main quest, Fire in the Sky Light Shard
270 Damage and 270 Stagger

Best late-game weapons

In the late game, you’ll get the best weapons in Final Fantasy 16, some being craftable or obtained through quests. Gotterdammerung is the best of all the weapons in FF16, as it offers the highest attack and stagger damage. Then, once you finish the main campaign and play the FF16 New Game Plus, you’ll also be able to get the weapon Ultimate. This is the ultimate weapon in the FF16 story and the wider universe.

Rank Weapon Prerequisites Ingredients Weapon Stats
One Icebrand Craftable after obtaining the Ice Shard from Jill and starting the main quest, Across the Narrow.   Brightburn
Ice Shard
Magicked Ash
300 Damage and 300 Stagger
Two Everdark Craftable after defeating Barnabus and Odin in the main quest, The Last King.  Sharp Fang
Dark Shard
315 Damage and 315 Stagger
Three Defender Obtained from Goetz Toll during the main quest, Streets of Madness, or from Charon’s Toll.  5,000 Gil 320 Damage and 320 Stagger
Four Gotterdammerung Obtain the draft and Ragnarok after completing the Blacksmith’s Blues Quest four.  Ragnarok
Primitive Battlehorn 
375 Damage and 375 Stagger
Five Ultima Craftable after completing the main campaign and starting the FF16 New Game Plus.
You must also re-craft your progression weapons to Everdark, called Everdark Reforged in New Game Plus. And you will need to craft Gotterdammerung Reforged.
You’ll also need to finish all the Blacksmith’s Blue’s Side Quest again.
Everdark Reforged
Gotterdammerung Reforged
Utterance of Creation (automatically unlocked after starting New Game Plus)
700 Damage and 700 Stagger

Best mythology-inspired weapons in Final Fantasy 16

Two mythology-based weapons should get an honorable mention, including Ragnarok and Excalibur. 

Rank Weapon Prerequisites Ingredients Weapon Stats
One Excalibur The draft is obtained after completing the side quest, Blacksmith’s Blues quest two. Bomb Ember
Grimalkin Hide
268 Damage and 268 Stagger
Two Ragnarok Obtained after completing the side quest, Blacksmith’s Blues quest four. None  325 Attack and 325 Stagger

Although Excalibur has excellent stats, you may have already crafted Brightburn, which is only fractionally ahead of the former weapon by a couple of stat points. 

However, as a mythology fan, I simply couldn’t pass crafting Excalibur, even if obtaining all the ingredients from the various Notorious Marks took me quite a while. Thankfully, these marks were actually quite easy to defeat, so I had no trouble getting the materials. And the crafting process isn’t all too difficult either.

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