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Best team compositions for Mythic+ dungeons this week in WoW Dragonflight

Top classes you want in your runs this week.

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Blizzard treats World of Warcraft players to a new set of spicy Mythic+ affixes every week, forcing them to improvise and find together new strategies and routes. While new routes and other strategies will predominantly be the tank’s worry, every WoW player should know which classes and specs work the best with this week’s affixes if they want to have a good time doing their key.

Ideal classes and specs for specific affixes will vary from week to week and there will be times when this won’t be in accordance with DPS and healer tier lists. In high-end Mythic+ keys, however, you should still stick to meta picks to optimize your damage and healing output and maximize your chances for success.

If you love putting together your own Mythic+ group, here are tanks, healers, and DPS classes you should have on your side this week. 

The best team compositions for Mythic+ dungeons in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Best tanks for Mythic+ dungeons this week: Guardian Druid, Vengeance Demon Hunter, and Protection Paladin

Demon Hunters are the best tank in the game right now. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

When looking at your tank options in Dragonflight, you’ll notice you don’t have much of a choice. Your go-to tanks every week should be Guardian Druids and Vengeance Demon Hunters. Not only do they have strong tools to survive the initial burst of packs once pulled, but they can also dish out solid damage and help out in the damage department. Besides that, they are great punching bags, and surviving the Tyrannical bosses paired with the Entangling affix shouldn’t pose a problem for them at all.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect Demon Hunter or Druid, Protection Paladins should do the trick too. Blessing of Freedom helps them escape Entangling, and strong utility spells should come in handy in clutch situations to save mispositioned healers and ranged DPS.

Best healers for Mythic+ dungeons this week: Holy Paladin, Restoration Druid, and Holy Priest

Healers will have to be extra careful this week. Screenshot by Dot Esports

This week, healers should be worried about keeping their party healthy on trash packs because of the Bursting affix which will leave the stacking debuff on your entire party. Bosses this week will be more durable and deal additional damage as well. So, make sure to save your big cooldowns for the bosses.

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Holy Paladins are easily the best choice of a healer this week since they have strong healing and damage output and can easily dispel Entangling. But they will have issues keeping the entire party alive when the number of Bursting stacks is high. If you have a Holy Paladin as your healer, you should look to stagger mob deaths or just bring a Shadow Priest with you that can dispel Bursting.

Restoration Druids should also do well into this week’s affixes because they can easily shapeshift out of Entangling, bring a wide variety of utility to the run, and can easily heal on the go with their HoTs.

Known as the best tank healers, Holy Priests have almost everything they might need to deal with Entangling, Bursting, and Tyrannical at the same time. Firstly, Holy Priests have incredibly powerful single-target heals and they can help out your fellow tank to survive if they ever need help. Holy Priests also have Mass Dispel and they can almost effortlessly deal with Bursting. The only downside is that they are relatively slow and they will struggle to deal with Entangling. Luckily, you can bring a Paladin and all your problems will be solved.

Best DPS for Mythic+ dungeons this week: Shadow Priest

You want strong single-target DPS this week. Screenshot by Dot Esports

While healers will be busy dealing with juggling CCing, healing, and DPSing during downtime, DPS specs should switch around their talent points to maximize single-target damage output and look to have as much survivability in their kit to reduce the incoming damage from Bursting. As a DPS, you can also use a mobility spell to help you get out of Entangling.

Ideally this week, you’ll want to have at least one Shadow Priest to help your healer with dispelling and top the DPS charts with their incredible single-target damage. Besides that, Shadow Priests have strong utility but lack in the CC department, so you’ll have to make that up with a class like Retribution Paladin, Havoc Demon Hunter, or Rogue.

Fire Mages will be yet another great DPS spec to bring to Mythic+ dungeons, especially if you pair them with Shadow Priests and Power Infusion. Normally, they should melt through the bosses’ health pool and before you know it your key will be timed.

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