Best endgame Druid build in Diablo 4

Here’s what you need to grind Dungeons.

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When it comes to endgame content in Diablo 4, survivability is key. But you also need to be able to deal damage to elites and control crowds of low-level enemies, so building out your class’ best archetype is a daunting task.

For Druids in the endgame, you’re going to want to use your ability to turn into a massive, Earth-shattering, horrifying Werebear that’s borderline unkillable if you use your ability cooldowns and passive skills properly.

Here’s the current best Druid build for grinding out endgame content in Diablo 4.

Best Druid endgame Diablo 4 build

This endgame build for the Druid is built around staying alive with survival-based skills to Fortify and generate Barrier, using Pulverize to deal massive damage to crowds of enemies, and consistently turning into a massive Werebear while keeping your Spirit topped up at all times.

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The skill points in this build are highly focused on buffing your Earth skills and survivability, turning you into a rampaging Werebear that is tough to kill and also uses crowd control and debuffs to keep the enemies suffering.

Your enemies will stay debuffed. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Best Druid endgame skill tree in Diablo 4

Basic skill: Earth Spike Enhanced Earth Spike Fierce Maul Core skill: Pulverize (5) Enhanced Pulverize Primal Pulverize Core Tree Passives Heart of the Wild (1) Wild Impulses (3) Abundance (3) Defensive skill: Debilitating Roar Enhanced Debilitating Roar Preserving Debilitating Roar Defensive skill: Earthen Bulwark Enhanced Earthen Bulwark Preserving Earthen Bulwalk Companion Tree Passives Nature’s Reach (3) Wrath Skill: Trample Enhanced Trample Savage Trample Wrath Tree Passives Crushing Earth (3) Safeguard (2) Stone Guard (3) Ultimate: Grizzly Rage Prime Grizzly Rage Supreme Grizzly Rage Ultimate Tree Passives Defiance (3) Natural Disaster (3) Circle of Life (3) Resonance (3) Key Passive: Earthen Might

Earth Spike is your basic attack to use to rebuild Spirit, but we use it as a last resort when we have Pulverize and Trample off of cooldown.

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We suggest heading into fights with large groups of enemies and elites by triggering Grizzly Rage and Debilitating Roar to kick it off. When it’s time to deal damage, Pulverize is our main source, and Earthen Bulwark is our main defensive skill to Fortify yourself and form a Barrier to prevent incoming damage, which is already debuffed by several passives.

Best endgame Druid Aspects in Diablo 4

Shockwave Aspect is a must-have in this build, the true bread-and-butter of all of the damage you will be dealing, since the skill tree is fully spec’d out to focus on Earth skills.

Aspect of the Ursine Horror is also incredibly important because it turns Pulverize into an Earth Skill that will spawn spikes that deal damage over time to enemies caught in its wake.

Aspects Armor: Aspect of the Ursine Horror Aspect of the Rampaging Werebeast Ballistic Aspect Aspect of Might Aspect of Disobedience Aspect of Quicksand Ring: Aspect of the Umbral Amulet: Aspect of Retaliation Weapon: Shockwave Aspect

Best endgame Druid Spirit Boons in Diablo 4

A crucial part of any Druid build. Screenshot by Dot Esports

There aren’t many boons to choose from, but their selection is crucial.

This set below will add buffs to Critical Strike Damage, Maximum Spirit, and several quality changes to things like Lucky Hit, Ultimate Skill Duration, and self-healing.

Deer: Gift of the Stag Eagle: Avian Wrath Wolf: Calamity Snake (Spirit Bonding): Masochistic, Calm Before the Storm

Best endgame Druid glyphs in Diablo 4


This glyph will provide a buff to damage while in Werebear form for every five Willpower purchased within range. With 40 Willpower, you can also get 10 percent damage reduction while in Werebear form.


An important part of the build, this glyph increases damage to Vulnerable targets for every five Dexterity purchased within range.


Core Skills will deal increased Critical Strike damage for every five Dexterity purchased within range, but the Additional Bonus is very powerful: “Critical Strikes increase the damage an enemy takes from you by x2 percent for 20 seconds, up to x12 percent.”


This glyph increases your damage output while Fortified, which has incredible uptime with this build thanks to Earthen Bulwark and all of its passives.

This article will be updated with more information over time as the best Druid builds may change.

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