Best Overwatch 2 Escape Room codes

Let’s get outta here!

Overwatch 2 Reaper on New Queen Street. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you’re in search of more non-PvP game modes in Overwatch 2, look no further. Escape rooms are a thing in OW2, and they’re easy to load up but not so easy to complete.

OW2’s community maps provide a plethora of different games to test out. Players can head into one-vs-one servers to see who’s the better DPS Moira, and can even explore a deeper connection through game models like “Tinderwatch.” 

The community game mode section celebrates the creativity of the OW2 gamers in the scene and is something other games should take note of—looking at you VALORANT. I typically like to practice using community-created servers, just so I can hone my already pristine aim before I jump into competitive queues.

How to play Escape Rooms in Overwatch 2

A wealth of mind-boggling Overwatch 2 escape rooms await you. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Firstly, you’ll have to click the big Play button once you’ve launched Overwatch 2. This will open a selection of different options, and allow you to enter the Custom Games mode on the right side of your screen.

Once this is open, it’ll show you a selection of trending community game modes, created by the genius Overwatch 2 community. The next step is to click the Create button that sits above the list of servers on the right side.

Now, you’ll have to click the Import Code button on the right side of your screen. It has an arrow pointing down for anyone struggling.

Then you’ll copy and paste any of the codes shown below, and you’ve got yourself an escape room lobby.

What are the best Overwatch 2 escape room codes?

Some of these might change over time as new updates come out and the maps themselves change, but for now, these are some of OW2‘s best escape rooms: 

TQ4EV (Puzzle) 0HKPT (Map Escape) PBA4T (Map Escape)  B75XH2 (Map Escape) WF0FW (Puzzle Parkour)

Copy and paste any of these into the Import Code prompt in the OW2 menus and press “Start” to boot up your escape room.

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