Best Move decks in Marvel Snap and how to counter them (July 2023)

Confuse your opponents with sick movement skills.

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Marvel Snap has some archetypes that are common in other online card games, but its unique mechanics allow for equally unique play styles, like Move decks.

These decks are built around making your cards move between different locations through different card abilities to strengthen them and win Marvel Snap matches. A playstyle as unique as movement can be tricky at first, but its learning curve can be rewarding to win games where your opponents will have a hard time predicting your moves.

So, here are the best movement decks to use in Marvel Snap for July 2023.

Best Move decks in Marvel Snap (July 2023)

These deck recommendations are merely suggestions, and players are encouraged to tailor them to suit their playstyles and collection. Replacing missing cards with useful cards in the meta can increase their chances of winning games. Some of the best cards to add are Enchantress, Sera, and Aero, as they represent solid general options.

Here are some of the most fun Move decks we’ve been trying out this month.

Hi, Gwanda

New Move reinforcements have arrived. Screengrab via

Welcome to Marvel Snap, Ghost-Spider. Gwen Stacy has arrived and reinvigorated the Move meta as the first new card in this archetype in quite some time. And this month will only get better with the additions of Spider-Man 2099 and Silk.

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This is an all-encompassing kind of Move deck that lets Gwen shine through multiple different avenues. We like to use her to buff up any number of cards, like Dagger, Kraven, Multiple Man, or Vulture. And using her will drop her buddy Miles down to one energy cost.

Move with Sera

Sera engine works well with Move, too. Screengrab via

Sera’s still one of the best cards, so why not throw her into this Move-light deck that enables huge plays on turn six. My main targets are Vulture and Cloak here, but Gwen is also able to take another card from a bad lane and move them into hers to keep them safe in a location where you might have a better shot at winning. Spider-Man 2099 can also get rid of an opponent’s card to convert more Power points on your side.

The best and most fun play is when we play out Sera on turn five, then try to pull Cloak into a clogged-up lane for the most power possible as several of the cards will be just one energy cost.

The Usual Suspects

This is more of a destructive Move deck. Screengrab via

The most basic move deck in Marvel Snap has cards that synergize with each other, while also having some destructive cards like Spider-Man 2099 and Shang-Chi to defend yourself from high-Powered units.

I like to use Iron Fist on Dagger or Vulture to buff up their power, then use Doctor Strange to move them again and buff them once more, and finish off with Heimdall on turn six for the biggest boost available.

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I also suggest combining Cloak and Kraven by playing Kraven out on turn two and then following up with Cloak to move cards to his location and increase power across the board.

Multiply your chances

Swarm the locations with Multiple Man. Screengrab via

This deck focuses a lot on Multiple Man, who I like to buff with Forge and Hulk-Buster to give him more power before you multiply him across the board when you move him as he leaves a copy of himself behind. That copy will contain any power boost you give it.

The rest of the deck functions like the other one above, but with some extra power from Human Torch and Silk’s movable ability to surprise the opponent with some unexpected Power boosts on your locations.

Move and protect

Control Move is amazing. Screengrab via

Another similar move deck, this one includes Miles Morales, a one energy, five power card that should be played the turn after you move somebody. And with Juggernaut and Magneto, you’ll be able to move your opponent’s cards as well as your own.

I really enjoy playing Kingpin and then supplementing him with Magneto to completely wreck the opposition’s board on turn six if the normal Heimdall plan isn’t working out for you.

Movement card combos in Marvel Snap

The movement typically begins in turn two, where Kraven would be the most ideal play on the middle location. Silk is also a good option. By turn three, it could be either Iron Fist then Human Torch on right to mid (for Kraven stack), Human Torch on right and Ghost-Spider on mid, or Vulture on right.

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By turn four, you can do Doctor Strange on either third location to get Human Torch or mid to get Vulture. Miles Morales can also be played alongside him if you moved a card last turn, or just a plain Spider-Man 2099 on a location where you can target a card on your opponent’s side to be destroyed.

Turn five could be a Cloak and Wave combo, especially if your opponent uses a deck that does multiple plays in the final turn (Sera Control, Sera Surfer, Bounce, etc.). Then end the game with either Heimdall, America Chavez, or Aero for a final movement push.

How to counter movement decks in Marvel Snap

Most of these movement decks need space on the board to move their cards around and time to set up their combos. This demonstrates two major weaknesses some cards can exploit.

Any card that interacts with the opposing board is a potential threat to a movement deck. Both Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, and Debrii are cards that fill the enemy side of the board, interfering with card movements.

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Worse than them though, is Professor X who can completely close a location; no cards can be added or removed from the location where Professor X is active. The best target for this is always the middle location, as it will completely stop movement caused by Heimdall and cards like Iron Fist.

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