Best Light Cones for Luocha in Honkai: Star Rail

The mysterious healer is a powerful ally for players to recruit.

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The first-ever exclusive five-star healer in Honkai: Star Rail is Luocha, a character who wields the Imaginary element and is part of the Abundance path. Luocha has a solid skillset that players can use to find great success in battle so all Trailblazers who recruit him will want to equip him with one of the best Light Cones available for his path.

Characters that are part of the Abundance path in Honkai: Star Rail possess powerful healing and restorative abilities. Because Luocha’s skills are primarily suited to a healer role, he is a supporting character who will need to be built quite differently from a DPS or general damage-dealing-focused unit.

With Luocha on your team, your characters will consistently have their health points restored. Image via miHoYo

Luocha is a powerful healing force who will slot well into many different team lineups which makes him a top-tier recruit for Trailblazers to add to their roster. Unlocking the Imaginary character is only the first step as building him up with a powerful set of Relics, a solid team, and the best Light Cone possible is key to ensuring he functions flawlessly on the battlefield.

What are the best Light Cones for Luocha in Honkai: Star Rail?

Depending on whether you want to go all in on Luocha’s healing skillset or build him as a well-rounded support unit with solid healing, the most important statistic to focus on may differ. Regardless, there are two statistics that are a much higher priority than all the rest for Luocha which are:

Outgoing healing boost Attack

Even though he is a healing-centric character, all of Luocha’s skills and abilities scale off his attack, so ensuring he has a high attack number is crucial for amplifying his overall capabilities. His skillset would be much easier to build if he scaled off of a more support-based statistic rather than attack, but attack is what players must build for him to raise his healing abilities.

Since Luocha’s strength is primarily in a healer role, raising his outgoing healing is also important since doing so will make him a more powerful medic for the entire team. Players will need to find a balance between raising attack and outgoing healing to build Luocha to his strongest potential.

Luocha’s healing and Imganiry abilities are extremely reliable. Image via miHoYo

Outside of these two core statistics, players should also build Imaginary damage, critical rate, and critical damage for Luocha. These statistics will increase his general damage-dealing capabilities to ensure he has a solid and well-rounded skillset.

All of the best Light Cones for Luocha are represented at the lowest possible level. This means that players will see their statistics and effectiveness rise over time as they are upgraded and ascended. Trailblazers will especially see drastic increases when they are able to superimpose any Light Cone with multiple copies of it.

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Best five-star Light Cones for Luocha

The best way to maximize any Honkai: Star Rail character’s skillset is to equip them with the best gear possible, which includes granting them a five-star Light Cone. Obtaining a five-star Light Cone is just as difficult as unlocking a five-star character, so this isn’t an easy task, but all players should work toward eventually equipping all of their characters with a five-star Light Cone over time.

Currently, there are two powerful five-star Light Cones for Luocha. This number will likely expand in the future as more Light Cones are added, and when it does, all other strong Light Cones that work well for Luocha will be added here.

Echoes of the Coffin “Thorns” Ability: Increases the equipping character’s attack by 20 percent. After the wearer has used their Ultimate ability, all allies are then granted 16 speed for the next turn. Echoes of the Coffin also restores five energy to the wearer for each foe they attack for up to three enemies. The Echoes of the Coffin Light Cone is designed specifically for Luocha’s skillset which makes it one of the strongest options for him. While most characters’ signature Light Cones are the single best choice overall, Luocha’s is a strange exception since it doesn’t serve his healing abilities that well. This Light Cone is certainly a top contender for him, but players who want to focus on his healing assets might prefer a different one instead. Time Waits for No One “Morn, Noon, Dusk, and Night” Ability: Increases the wearer’s maximum health points by 18 percent and raises their outgoing healing by 12 percent. When the wearer heals allies, this Light Cone tracks the outgoing healing to then apply a 36 percent damage increase based on the tracked outgoing healing when an ally launches an attack. The tracked damage is dealt against a random opponent when the chosen ally launches an attack. Since Luocha’s primary strength is as a healing character, players who want to build his healer capabilities may prefer this Light Cone over his signature one. Both are powerful choices, but this one is the better choice for amplifying his healing abilities.

Most of Luocha’s skills are focused on healing and providing support. Screenshot via Dot Esports

Best four-star Light Cones for Luocha

Since five-star Light Cones are quite difficult to obtain, most players will likely have their playable recruits equipped with a four-star Light Cone for quite a while. There are currently only two viable options for this level of Light Cone that can be used by Luocha.

Shared Feeling “Cure and Repair” Ability: Increases the equipping character’s outgoing healing by 10 percent. Additionally, after the equipping character uses a skill, they then generate two energy for each of their allies. This Light Cone is a powerful choice for building Luocha’s healing and support abilities. If you can’t obtain a five-star option then this is the overall next best choice. Perfect Timing “Refraction of Sightline” Ability: Increases the equipping character’s effect resistance by 16 percent and increases their outgoing healing by 33 percent of their total effect resistance. The equipping character’s outgoing healing can be raised by up to 15 percent through this effect. Trailblazers will find this Light Cone to be another powerful choice for Luocha, although I find the other four-star option to be a better choice for him based on my experience with both the Light Cone and Luocha’s abilities.

Luocha is Honkai: Star Rail’s first featured five-star Imaginary character. Screenshot via Dot Esports

Best three-star Light Cones for Luocha

Players should only use three-star Light Cones until they are able to unlock a four-star or better option for Luocha. These Light Cones aren’t powerful, but Trailblazers have a few viable choices they can equip Luocha with until they unlock better equipment for him.

Cornucopia “Prosperity” Ability: After the wearer casts their Ultimate or uses a skill, they then increase their outgoing healing by 12 percent. The effects of this Light Cone are very simple but extremely effective for raising Luocha’s healing prowess. This is the best three-star choice for him, so the other three-star options should be avoided in favor of this Light Cone unless you are struggling to unlock it. Fine Fruit “Savor” Ability: At the start of all battles, this Light Cone creates six energy for all allies. Since Luocha is a support unit, increasing his support abilities by having him equipped with a Light Cone that restores energy to characters is a decent option. Multiplication “Denizens of Abundance” Ability: After the equipping character hits an enemy while using their basic attack, their next action will be advanced forward by 12 percent. This Light Cone will make it so that Luocha makes it back for another turn sooner than he otherwise would. Since this doesn’t do a whole lot for raising his support abilities, it’s certainly the weakest of the options listed here, but it is still a viable choice for players who have none of the other choices.

The Imaginary character has a massive coffin at his side wherever he goes. Image via miHoYo

The debut run of Luocha’s “Laic Pursuit” banner is live until July 18 for the entire second half of the Version 1.1 update. He will be recruitable for players to pull for until the entire Version 1.1 update is replaced by Version 1.2.

While Luocha is a powerful support unit for Trailblazers to recruit, he might not be the best option for every player, especially with the powerful units expected to arrive in the Version 1.2 update. If you’re seeking a powerful healer and general support unit for your roster then Luocha is a solid choice, but if you’re looking for a damage dealer then you might want to skip him and save for other recruits.

Based on my experience with Genshin Impact’s banners, it is highly likely that Luocha won’t be obtainable again for at least six months after his initial run but probably even longer. Since Honkai: Star Rail only launched on April 26, 2023, and has many upcoming characters who have already leaked, future updates are likely going to be packed with new characters rather than banner reruns which means Luocha could become unobtainable for a very long time.

We gathered this information by playing Honkai Star Rail Version 1.1 “Galactic Roaming” on PC.

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