Best CS:GO Surf servers to use in 2023

If you’re looking for Surf servers, search no more.

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The Counter-Strike franchise has been known for allowing players to create their own various game modes, like Surf.

Throughout its history, people have enjoyed several different modes in the game, like Deathmatch, Deathrun, Gun Games, and Zombie Escape. And one of the biggest game modes that is still hugely popular now is Surf.

We know that playing CS:GO can get pretty frustrating. Not everything always goes your way, or you can simply meet some toxic players who ruin your experience. In these sorts of scenarios, there’s nothing better than just chilling out by surfing.

Surfing relies on strafing on numerous ramps in community-made maps. The goal of Surf maps is to finish them as fast as possible without falling to the ground, though there’s nothing wrong with just laying back and chilling with some music on in the background.

While it sounds simple, Surf is not easy to learn. Players who are new to the game mode often make some mistakes when it comes to strafing, which can cause them to stray away from it.

If you’re one of these players and want to start your adventure, remember not to hold the W button when strafing, and simply use the combination of your A and D buttons with the mouse. After a few tries, you’ll surely get the hang of it.

Since being added to the game in Counter-Strike 1.6, Surf has been evolving and surely will continue to do so, especially with the upcoming Counter-Strike 2.

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The best Surf maps in CS:GO

Some of the maps have already been perfected, while map makers are constantly working on adding new ones. Here is the selection of the best few Surf maps in CS:GO, especially if you’re a rookie who’s just looking to start surfing.

Surf_rookie Surf_mesa Surf_kitusne Surf_utopia_v3 Surf_beginner Surf_ski_2_go Surf_rebel Surf_summer

Best Surf servers in CS:GO to join in 2023

To have the most fun in Surf, it’s best to join a community server with a vast player count so you can make some friends and learn a few tricks from the more-advanced players. Moreover, these servers usually allow you to pick a knife skin since you’re going to be looking at it most of the time.

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Naturally, there are a bunch of Surf servers in different regions. We picked a few of them for each region so you can find some of the ones that are closest to where you live.

North America – [FN] 24/7 Surf Utopia – [] Surf Timer #1 Beginner 85-Tick – [] Surf Timer #2 Novice 85-Tick – sneaK’s Easy Surf – =(eGO) = BEGINNER SURF 24/7

Europe – SurfHeaven #1 Very Easy [Tier 1] !knife !gloves !was – SurfHeaven #2 Easy [Tier 1-2] !ws !knife !gloves – SurfHeaven #3 Medium [Tier 2-3] | Timer | Ranks – ★ ★ [SURF] ⚫ TR85 TIER 1 – ➠LEG-SS.RU| SURF SKILL | TIMER [1-4 TIER] – [] Skill Surf MEDIUM Tier 2-3 !ws !knife !gloves

Australia – ♚ KZG | Easy Surf #2 | Tier 1/2 | !ws!knife | ♚ – ♚ KZG | Noob Surf | Tier 1 | !ws !knife | ♚ – ♚ KZG | Easy Surf [WS/KNIFE/GLOVES/RAFFLES] – SurfHeaven // Down Under // Open Beta #6 – ♚ KZG | Expert Surf | Tier 5-6 | ♚


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