Best BattleBit Remastered weapons: Gun tier list

The complete tier list.

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BattleBit Remastered provides a platform for all players to hop into a large-scale warzone and rack up dozens of kills in their conquest games. The Minecraft-esque shooter has a wide array of weapons, each with a particular reason for being there.

As you level up, you’ll unlock more weapons and attachments to help you hit those all-important headshots and master recoil patterns. Some guns are undeniably strong but have weaknesses that can turn players away if they don’t understand how to navigate them.

This is where a gun tier list comes into play. I’ve played countless hours on Frugis and Basra, sporting each weapon available. My K/D might have suffered at first, but now I’ve found the best weapons, the game’s almost too easy.

What are the best weapons in BattleBit Remastered?

There are fewer S Tier weapons in BattleBit Remastered, and each gun has advantages and disadvantages. Some have horrible horizontal spray patterns, which means you’ll have to hit the first few bullets or suffer at the hands of ear-grazing misses. 

Certain weapons also need particular attachments to flourish. Their consistency will also depend on your playstyle. Snipers aren’t meant for close encounters, whereas a Vector is.

S Tier 

Ak-15 Loadout BattleBit Remastered. Screenshot by Dot Esports


Despite its poor fire rate and difficult recoil, this AR is one of the best weapons in BattleBit Remastered. As soon as you accommodate for a horizontal spray pattern, you’ll be getting kills in no time.


This AR has the highest damage out of all the ARs in BattleBit Remastered. Its recoil is relatively easy to control, and pairing this with its absurd damage, you can’t go wrong when using it.

Kriss Vector

You’ve likely seen every player in your matches using this gun when you’re up close and personal, and for good reason. The only downside is you’ll have to wait until level 70 to unlock it.


This Sniper rifle has incredibly solid damage, high armor damage, and one of the highest velocities of all in its class. You’ll have to grind until level 100 to unlock it, but it’s worth the wait.


You’ll unlock the M249 relatively early in your BattleBit rank grind. As soon as you reach level 20, you’ll be able to mow down multiple enemies with its large magazine size.


The MP7 is strong at close to medium ranges and will absolutely shred through several opponents if you can control its recoil.

A Tier 


One of the first guns you encounter and also one of the most well-rounded weapons in the game. The M4A1 is easy to build up since you’ll acquire it off the bat, and it can hold its own against most weapons.


The G36C sits waiting to be unlocked at level 120. It has a better fire rate and accuracy than the M4A1, with the same amount of damage to match.


If you can manage the FAMAS’ incredibly fast fire rate, you’ll be able to rack up some kills. While its damage is slightly lower than the G36C and the M4A1, it’ll easily do the job.


The 50-round magazine is incredibly effective at spraying down enemies. The recoil is easy to control, but with such a large magazine size it’s alright if you miss a bullet or two.


Once you’ve upgraded this SMG, you’ll leave those iron sights in the dust. Only then will you realize how powerful this 30-round weapon is.


The Hk419’s recoil is easy to manage. It might not be the strongest AR in the game, but it’s friendly to those who are learning and can still net you a few multi-kills along the way.

Scorpion EVO

The Scorpion EVO has an undeniably quick fire rate that’ll pepper enemies from an incredibly surprising distance.


The Scar-H is an easy weapon to use, but only in a particular way. Using it from long-range and single-fire is probably the only method to effectively kill your opponents.

B Tier

BattleBit MK20 Weapon Statistics. Screenshot by Dot Esports

AK74 AUG A3 SG550 PP19 SV-98 L86A1 MSR MP5 L96 MK14 EBR M110 SSG 69 MG36

C Tier

SV 98 Loadout BattleBit Remastered. Screenshot by Dot Esports

MK20 SVD REM700 AK5C ACR PP19 UMP-45 PP2000 Glock-18 Desert Eagle

D Tier

Ultimax 100 Honey Badger M9 USP MP 443 RSH12 Unica

Certain weapons like the Scar-H can be used in different ways to become a higher-tiered weapon. For instance, playing at a longer range with the Scar-H will be more impactful than playing like your typical AR. 

This is where using a scope will be incredibly useful.

These are not concrete and will likely change once developers kick into gear with nerfs and buffs. 

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