Another VALORANT Deadlock bug is making the Spike completely vanish

For my next trick, I’ll make the Spike disappear.

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On July 4, Deadlock will be celebrating her first week in VALORANT. As a rule, new agent releases mean two things—overwhelming excitement from players as they finally get their hands on the new agent, and bugs. Deadlock is no exception to this and one of her latest bugs is making the Spike completely vanish.

In a post on VALORANT’s subreddit from July 2, one player showcased a game-breaking interaction between Omen’s and Deadlock’s ultimate spells. 

Deadlock/Omen Ult broken interaction
by u/lilcuzi in VALORANT

In the video, we see Omen and Deadlock using their ultimate abilities roughly at the same time, and soon after the abilities and animations are finished, we see Omen lying dead on the ground in the spot where he meant to teleport. In addition, the Spike, which the Omen carrying, disappeared entirely from the map.

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This is not the only weird part of this interaction. Normally, after Deadlock uses her ultimate on a specific agent, you should see the cocoon animation and that person being pulled in towards Deadlock before exploding. Here, there’s no cocoon animation at all and Omen takes over 900,000 damage and is instantly one-shot after teleporting to the location. 

Thankfully, Deadlock will be disabled for the VCT Last Chance Qualifier events and pro players won’t need to grapple with the wide variety of bugs she’s creating. This bugged interaction between Omen’s and Deadlock’s ultimates has been reported in a bug mega thread on VALORANT’s subreddit but right now, there isn’t much we can do except wait for Riot Games to fix it. 

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