Amouranth’s net worth: How much money does Amouranth make?

That’s a lot of zeros.

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Amouranth is one of the most successful female streamers on Twitch. And while her “hot tub” content has stirred up controversy on the platform, her prominence is inarguable.

The risque content creator is most known for hanging out in a kitty pool or hot tub while wearing a scantily clad bikini on Twitch, and she’s also done her fair share of suggestive ASMR content, some of which has gotten her in trouble with the platform.

While her Twitch subscriber and viewership figures wouldn’t lead someone to believe Amouranth has an incredibly high net worth, she also has an OnlyFans page where she sells more openly sexualized content.

Over the past year, Amouranth has been open about sharing her revenue from places like Twitch and OnlyFans, and recently she even disclosed information about how much she makes from her recent investment in gas stations.

How much money does Amouranth make on Twitch?

Thanks in part to a data breach of Twitch in 2021, many people found out that Amouranth was paid nearly $1.4 million by the platform from August 2019 through October 2021. Those figures included subscriptions, ad revenue, and bits, and it averaged out to a little more than $50,000 per month.

But during a recent appearance on Full Squad Gaming’s Squad Cast, Amouranth claimed that she now makes around $100,000 a month on the platform. While that revenue sounds impressive by itself, Amouranth added that Twitch’s value to her doesn’t necessarily come from the money she makes on the platform.

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“For the most part, Twitch is a billboard that I get paid to advertise on,” she said. “It’s a funnel. Social media will often just shadow ban a bunch of sexy content you know? So your reach is really nuked on every other platform except Twitch.”

How much money does Amouranth make on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is Amouranth’s true money-making vehicle, and she hasn’t been shy about sharing her figures publicly. Last summer, the content creator posted a screengrab on Twitter that revealed her monthly revenue from the platform, which frequently exceeded $1.5 million.

According to a reply she made to that post, her OnlyFans account is among the top 0.01 percent of earners on the platform. Her revenue before taxes on the platform shakes out to nearly $20 million a year.

Other revenue sources

Reinvesting some of her wealth, Amouranth revealed last November that she purchased an ownership stake in multiple gas stations, including one that has a car wash. While she said that the investments required millions of dollars, they seem to be turning a profit for her.

Talking on the Squad Cast, she disclosed that she makes around $85,000 a year on her investments in gas stations. But perhaps the biggest benefit to those businesses is that she can save money on her taxes by writing off the properties as business expenses.

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