Amouranth reveals key factor that made her hot tub streams surge in popularity

The community’s curiosity is a big part of why, but doesn’t cover the whole story.

Image via Iced Coffee Hour on YouTube

Popular streamer Amouranth, who has just signed a deal with streaming platform Kick, revealed in a podcast interview last week that the main reason her move into the hot tub space was popular was because of the controversy surrounding the category, more than the concept itself.

Amouranth appeared on the podcast The Iced Coffee Hour on June 26 to talk about herself and her career, from her first appearance on Twitch through to her most recent business ventures and plans for the future. In the podcast, she revealed that the main reason her hot tub streams were popping off was because of the drama surrounding the category—with the drama itself doing the work for her and her peers.

Once Twitch made hot tub streaming a category by itself, the interest died down as the streaming platform accepted it and thus, the controversy no longer existed. Host Graham Stephan, asked what was the reason for the hot tubs in the first place, to which Amouranth swiftly replied, “I think it’s just a way to subtly convert people to your OnlyFans.”

She also briefly talked about her “bath water” Twitch stint, revealing she got the idea from content creator Stephanie Matto, who found herself hospitalized in 2021 due to her commitment to selling “fart jars”, according to an interview with The Rolling Stone. With Matto withdrawing from selling the products in 2022, Amouranth saw the opportunity to fill the gap with her own twist on the concept.

Amouranth is one of the most successful female streamers with an estimated net worth of more than $20 million USD. She’s popular for being among the first in a long line of ASMR and hot tub streamers, paving the way for many who have since built their own successful platforms on the site.

Recently, she was signed by the streaming service Kick, with the move coming just days after another gigantic streamer, xQc, was signed by the same service. It’s still unclear whether Amouranth has been granted the same generous conditions as xQc, with a major perk of his contract being a non-exclusivity clause—meaning he is still allowed to stream on other platforms such as Twitch.

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Amouranth streams to more than 7,000 viewers at any given moment and currently has over 5,000 subscribers according to TwitchTracker. 

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