All voice actors for Starfield: Full cast list

These actors will make Starfield feel like home.

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Starfield is fast approaching and one of the aspects of the space RPG that has fans most excited is the amount of dialogue that will be available. Bethesda’s front-man Todd Howard has confirmed there will be over 200,000 lines of dialogue in Starfield, which means the space title will definitely have a whole host of different voice actors.

Naturally, fans are curious about what voice actors will make an appearance in the new IP from Bethesda.

This curiosity was only amplified when it was revealed the “Adoring Fan” from Elder Scrolls: Oblivion would be reprising his role in Starfield as a much older, red-headed character.

Full cast list for Starfield

Few voice actors have actually been confirmed to be voicing a character in Starfield so far. Bethesda has kept the lid very tight on this aspect of the project, making fans wonder if the developers are holding any surprises in store.

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We do know of a few confirmed voice actors as well as some rumored ones who could make an appearance. You can see the lists of voice actors for Starfield below.

Confirmed voice actors for Starfield

The Adoring Fan is back in Starfield. Image via Bethesda

As of June 2023, we only know Craig Sechler, the voice of the Adoring Fan, will be a voice actor in Starfield. He was revealed during one of the Starfield Direct trailers and is currently the only confirmed voice actor for the title.

Rumored voice actors for Starfield

We should point out these voice actors may or may not appear in Starfield. Various Reddit posts and other interactions online have pointed to these actors having a role in Starfield, but none have been officially confirmed by Bethesda.

Stephen Ford (known for his role as Matt Daehler in Teen Wolf) Elias Toufexis (possibly voices your companion, Sam Coe, in Starfield) Michael Mack (fans thought they recognized his voice from one of the trailers; he played a male Redguard in Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and Oblivion) Victoria Atkin (speculation from a Reddit post) Stephen Oyoung (speculation from a Reddit post) Dimitry Rozental (speculation from a Reddit post) Ana Carolina Valverde (rumored to voice Sofia Ruiz and Isabel King in Starfield) Seth Allyn Austin (rumored voice actor from IMDb) Cyrina Fiallo (possibly voices a UC and Security Female office in Starfield)

Dot Esports will update this article when we get more confirmation.

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