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All new maps in LoL Arena

Fight in new environments.

Temperatures are dropping as the action heats up. (Image via Riot Games)

League of Legends‘ latest game mode Arena features fast-paced combat with a unique build system that is enhanced by successive rounds. Maps are yet another element that grants more deepness to the game mode.

The Arena mode launched with several maps to discover, offering different strategic options filled with bushes and plants. They also feature diverse environment layouts, for more fun and exploration.

The game mode has yet to be introduced to live servers, which is planned for July 20. But it can now be tested out on the PBE. It already features quite a lot of options —enough to have fun for a little while, at least.

In addition to a selection of champions, players can choose from a random selection of Augments to get various advantages and adjust their strategy. There are a lot of intriguing elements to discover, and there’s likely still more to come in the Arena mode. Here is the list of new maps from LoL Arena.

List of maps released in LoL Arena

There are four maps to play in LoL Arena, in addition to the generic spawning area where you’ll set up your strategy for the round. It includes choosing your Augment and buying your stuff.

All three maps are roughly of the same shape, but each of them features some different strategic spots to hide in. They’re also themed around elements or climates, between cold, tempered, and hot setups.

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Maps seemingly don’t have names at the time of writing, as it wasn’t mentioned in the developer’s blog post nor can be seen in the PBE. Here is the list of maps released in LoL Arena:

Ice map: it features the most elements to skirmish. Earth map: it’s the smallest map of all three. It seemingly rewards melee champions, as there aren’t too many spots to hide. Fire map: this can be scary for ranged or squishy champions. It includes a huge bush where both characters can hide and jump on enemies, as well as numerous pillars that can favor AoE damage. Garden map: this one can be the playground of ranged champions. The ground is divided by bodies of water.

Each time features a biome. (Image via Riot Games)
A straight-forward battle zone for the best champions. (Image via Riot Games)
There are plenty of outplays ready to happen. (Image via Riot Games)
This map forces distance between opponents. (Screengrab via Ryscu)

You’ll quickly get accustomed to each one as they’re not very big. It’s likely more of them will be released in the future, although the game mode is still very new.

The Arena game mode is set to release on July 20.

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