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All new League of Legends: Wild Rift Soul Fighter skins

Even professional fighters need to dress their best.

Nilah, the Joy Unbound. Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is once again bringing its summer celebrations to nearly all of its titles, this time in the form of Soul Fighter: an event with a fighting-game feel that has players doing everything in their power to emerge victorious in a tournament challenge.

While the bulk of this event will be exclusive to the PC version of League of Legends, all of the games that take place within Runeterra—Wild Rift, Teamfight Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra—will be celebrating in their own way, complete with new modes, cosmetics, and rewards to earn. Each of these games will have content not available within the other titles, encouraging players to partake in the festivities wherever they can.

Wild Rift players, in particular, will get to experience an exclusive narrative similar to those present during the Sentinels of Light and Star Guardian events of the past few years, centered around Yasuo and Draven partaking in the Tournament of Souls. Those who want to test their skills can indulge in the mobile title’s limited-time “Tag Duel” mode that functions similarly to a tag fighting game, like the Marvel v. Capcom series.

The Soul Fighter cast will also look very different in Wild Rift compared to the PC version, with none of the latter’s skins making their way into the former. Instead, Wild Rift will be the recipient of six new skins that only its players will have access to, including the debut skin for a new, joyous champion making her way into the game promptly.

All new League of Legends: Wild Rift Soul Fighter skins

Soul Fighter Nilah

Nilah sports a blindfold, bright purple hair, a neon green whip, and baggy purple pants in her Soul Fighter outfit. Image via Riot Games

The Joy Unbound will finally be available to play as in Wild Rift alongside the Soul Fighter event, so it’s only fitting she gets a skin within the theme to truly indulge in the festivities.

In her Soul Fighter outfit, Nilah takes inspiration from middle eastern performers, complete with a deep purple outfit and a neon green coloration to her whip. While she may be wearing a blindfold, Nilah is most certainly still capable of dashing through and whipping her opponents with ease—always with a (painful) smile on her face.

Soul Fighter Yasuo

Dark-red energy pours out of Yasuo’s left eye, left hand, and sword in his Soul Fighter skin. Image via Riot Games

Being forced to succumb to multiple deaths to reach his power spike has fueled the competitive spirit in Yasuo, leading to a Soul Fighter skin that appears to be shrouded in nothing but pure rage.

The Unforgiven dresses for battle in an official-looking white jacket, though one of his eyes, his left hand, and the entirety of its sword appear to be engulfed in some kind of darkness. This rage may be exactly what Yasuo needs to advance through the Tournament of Souls—should there not be any competition too fierce in his path. 

Soul Fighter Irelia

Irelia dashes to an unknown target surrounded by lightning bolts. Her Soul Fighter outfit is both yellow and black and resembles streetwear, while having patterns of arrows throughout. Image via Riot Games

Irelia enters the Tournament of Souls in a mustard-yellow street outfit that truly exemplifies her quickness—her splash art is even surrounded by lightning bolts due to her intense speed. On her outfit is a unique pattern featuring arrows that likely represent how easily the champion can move around when near multiple opponents.

Many fans originally thought this was yet another skin for Akali, but Riot has confirmed it is indeed Irelia—though this could have been a new look for the Rogue Assassin.

Soul Fighter Xin Zhao

A red-haired Xin Zhao wields a spear emanating blue energy. He is dressed in modern fight clothing resembling that which many anime characters wear in fighting arcs. Image via Riot Games

Xin Zhao looks completely different than anything we’ve ever seen him in before in the Soul Fighter universe. While he still wields his infamous spear, the Seneschal of Demancia sports luxurious, flowing red hair and a more modern outfit than his traditional one.

Like Yasuo, Xin Zhao appears to be engulfed in energy, though the bright blue nature of it paints it as the opposite of that shrouding Yasuo. This skin may be a massive pivot from all of those Xin Zhao has received in the past, though this modern look makes him fit right into a tournament where all of the participants are masters of their own craft.

Soul Fighter Draven

Draven’s Soul Fighter outfit is complete with stars and gold accents. He wears a small purple jacket that exposes his entire chest while spinning neon pink axes in both hands. Image via Riot Games

As always, Draven is ready to put on a show. This continues to be evident in his Soul Fighter attire where he takes the appearance of a master of ceremonies, complete with large sunglasses, a massive gold chain around his neck, and a gold-accented jacket that is too many sizes too small for him.

His splash art takes his eccentricity one step further by twirling around his axes with one finger with ease. As for whether or not all of these features are enough to get him through the challenges of the Tournament of Souls, players will have to partake in the event and find out.

Soul Fighter Draven (Special Edition)

Draven is covered in even more gold accents, such as gold hair and pants. A neon pink dog floats near one of the axes he spins, which is now also gold in the center. Image via Riot Games

Much like the Prestige version of skins, Soul Fighter Draven (Special Edition) places multiple gold accents on the original skin that allow Draven to stand out even more, like he wasn’t already capable of doing that himself. Even his spinning axes glow gold in the center to further emphasize his thirst for fame and fortune.

It’s likely this skin will be tied to the premium Soul Fighter event pass, meaning players will have to grind if they want to show off this special outfit for Draven to others.

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