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All leaked Revenant Reborn abilities in Apex Legends

Let them cook.

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With Apex Legends season 18 appearing likely to skip the introduction of a new legend for the second time, plenty of attention within the community seems to be turning to Revenant Reborn—a name often cited in leaks that suggest the Synthetic Nightmare will be receiving a full rework.

While the prospect of not having a new legend once again might truly sour the season 18 experience for some, it seems safe to say getting some major changes to Revenant’s spiraling kit would be a worthwhile consolation prize.

Leaked Revenant rework Apex abilities

It appears there have been at least two different builds in the works for Revenant Reborn. The first was initially leaked during season 12 and is made up of abilities originally thought to be tied to another legend codename: Phantom. Shared more recently by Apex insider iLootGames on June 16, the other build consists of abilities that perhaps aren’t as game-catching, but sound effective nonetheless.

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Starting off with his passive ability, the earlier build seemingly gave Rev a double jump, while the second retained his enhanced climbing capabilities and simply added the ability for him to highlight enemies that are at low health.

For his tactical, both builds use a new ability where Revenant “super jumps” to a location. Of course, this would mean his Silence would be scrapped.

Lastly, his reworked ultimate is where the main difference lies.

The first would seemingly get rid of the Death Totem and instead give Revenant a void grenade that temporarily transports him and one enemy into a private realm to fight solo. The other would keep Revenant’s signature Death Totem model, but replace the shadow respawn mechanic with health and shield regeneration that activates upon knocking and killing an enemy.

Screenshot by Dot Esports

As is the nature of playtesting and early information in Apex, it is still certainly plausible, and perhaps even likely, that what actually ends up being in the final product is completely different from these abilities. It also remains to be seen if any changes will be made to his hitbox.

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Judging by these leaked kits, however, it does appear Respawn ultimately wants to make Revenant a more streamlined, aggressive legend to play.

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