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All Star Wars Jedi: Survivor bosses in order

Find out exactly what you’re in for.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor features several different planets to visit, all with different environments, collectibles, characters, and enemies. The enemies players fight won’t change too often, as they’ll be dealing with wildlife and Stormtroopers most of the time. However, where the enemy types really differ is in the boss battles.

While players will battle certain bosses more than once, there is some great variety in the fighting styles of all bosses in Jedi: Survivor.

Whether you are just starting out and what to know what you’re in for or if you want to see how many bosses you have left, you can see all of the Jedi: Survivor bosses in order in the guide below. Beware, though, some of the bosses are considered spoilers.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor bosses in order

In total, there are 15 mandatory boss fights you must complete in order to progress. There are a few bosses you will fight twice or even three times, but those fights are different in terms of what attacks the boss has available to them. Below, you can see all of the Jedi: Survivor bosses in the order they appear throughout the story.

The Ninth Sister

The first boss you will face on Coruscant. This fight has two phases and can be quite difficult early on in Jedi Survivor. Using mobility against The Ninth Sister is the key to this fight.

Dagan Gera

This is your first of three battles against Dagan Gera, and this is the easiest one out of three. However, don’t underestimate the frozen Jedi, as he has lightning-fast attacks and can deal real damage using the Force.


This is the scorpion-like creature that follows you around through the sand on Jedha. It has a grab attack that can absolutely demolish you, so try and watch out for that. It tends to be difficult to avoid, so if you see it about to happen, make sure to heal up first.


Once again, mobility is going to be your friend here, as the AT-ST is massive in size and won’t be able to keep up with you at a fast pace. Still, watch out for the robot’s missiles and try to aim for its legs.

Reprogrammed Magnaguard

This is one of the easier boss fights as all you need to do is simply play normally and deal damage where you can. The Reprogrammed Magnaguard will go down without much of a fight.

Dyra Thornne

Thornne has the ability to turn invisible, but you can still get a general sense of where they’re going in battle. When they come back into view, you can damage them as normal. When they’re invisible, try to gauge where they’re going to end up and plan your attacks from there.

Tague Louesh

This is another straightforward battle that won’t cause much of a hassle. You can play normally without having to worry about any difficult attacks to avoid or a massive health bar on the part of Louesh.

Korej Lim

Your first encounter with a bounty hunter is Korej Lim, and they have a couple of ranged attacks that you won’t be able to avoid. It’s recommended you try and hit Lim at range with the Blaster and attempt to parry any ranged attacks using the dual-wield lightsaber stance.

Dagan Gera (second)

The second fight with Dagan Gera goes much differently than it did the first time. Gera is much stronger now and will use Force attacks to keep you on your toes constantly. Gera’s lightsaber will float around using the Force and the saber will attack you if you get too close. To whittle Gera’s health down, parry his attacks, and chip away at his health when his stamina is gone.


One of the only two-phase boss battles is with Rayvis. This is perhaps the most difficult boss fight up to this point and might require a few attempts. Rayvis has several high-damage combo attacks that will leave you with no health if you don’t avoid them. You need to stay on your toes to keep up with Rayvis’ speed, especially in the second phase.

Dagan Gera (third)

And finally, we have the last encounter with Dagan Gera. He is at his strongest in this fight and will use a lot of the same attacks he did in the second battle. Luckily, you have Bode to help you out at multiple points during the boss fight.

Bode Akuna

The betrayal of Bode now comes to full fruition, as you must defeat your once-partner. However, you can’t actually win this fight, as Bode will run away before you can fully deplete his health bar. Don’t worry, though, he will be back.

Darth Vader

It wouldn’t be a proper Star Wars game with Darth Vader himself. You fight Vader as Cere, and the evil villain has plenty of lightsaber attacks to completely dismantle you. However, Cere has powerful attacks of her own, and you can use the full force of them to take Vader down.

Bode Akuna (second)

The final boss fight of Jedi: Survivor is a second bout with Bode. This time, you’re on Tantalorr and must fight Bode in front of his daughter. The key to this fight is staggering Bode with Force attacks so you can deal damage up close with your lightsaber. You need to watch out for Bode’s Force attacks, as he will use them more frequently this time.

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There are other optional bosses you can fight all over the planets in Jedi: Survivor. Those bosses are often found on off-the-beaten paths and are not required for the story.

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