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Woo for rewards.

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Overwatch 2 is a fast-paced, action-packed FPS game where you must work with your team to win. But with Valentine’s Day coming up, you also have the chance to win something even greater– the hearts of two Overwatch heroes, Genji and Mercy, in Loverwatch: Love Never Dies.

Loverwatch: Love Never Dies is a free and funny Overwatch-themed dating sim game. It’s text-based and functions like most dating sims or visual novels, where you must select the correct dialogue bubbles to win over the main characters. And you will earn rewards after each run-through.

So, what rewards can you earn in Loverwatch?

All Loverwatch Rewards

Before playing Loverwatch, make sure you’re logged in to your Blizzard account on the Loverwatch website to ensure you receive your rewards. As you complete each character’s storyline, you will receive special Overwatch 2 rewards.

These include the following unlockable freebies:

Genji’s Peace: Icon, Title, and Intro.Mercy’s Angel: Icon, Title, and Intro.Cupid’s Arrow: Icon, Title.Valentine Cards: One to Sixteen.Card Fronts: One to Fourteen.

You can view your rewards by clicking on the “rewards” tab on the main Loverwatch page. And once you claim them, they will appear in your account within 48 hours. 

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To obtain the highlighted intros, you’ll need to get the secret ending in Loverwatch, which involves successfully courting both Genji and Mercy.

And if that seems like too much work, you can also get the highlighted intro by purchasing the Cupid Hanzo bundle, which is reduced if you’ve earned the Loverwatch intro.

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