All Forge Construct locations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Collect your Zonai Charges here.

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Forge Construct locations offer Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players the most reliable means of obtaining Zonai Charges, Large Zonai Charges, and Crystallized Charges. These items are important because they act as the primary way to obtain Zonai Devices from Device Dispensers.

These Zonai Devices allow you to create all manner of things with your Ultrahand ability, though do this you will need plenty of Zonai Charges. While fighting Constructs is an excellent way to get Zonai Charges, you may quickly run out of enemies to farm.

This is where Forge Constructs step in to save the day, and if you’re anything like me you’ll quickly realize the value of keeping track of every single location. Given most Forge Construct locations are inside caves, be sure to bring some sort of luminous tool with you to these areas.

Here’s everything you need to know in order to find every Forge Construct in the game.

All Forge Construct Locations in Tears of the Kingdom

Below are all the known Forge Construct locations in Tears of the Kingdom. While you will initially be introduced to Forge Constructs in the beginning area of the Great Sky Island, the overwhelming majority are actually located in The Depths.

The Great Sky Island Forge Construct

You’ll reach the Forge Construct early in your Tears of the Kingdom playthrough. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Located at the coordinates (3298, 0424, 0112), this will be the Forge Construct you are introduced to near the very beginning of your playthrough.

Great Abandoned Central Mine Forge Construct

The Great Abandoned Central Mine is surrounded by other deserted pits. SScreenshot by Dot Esports

This Forge Construct location can be found at (-0274, 0125, 0019). Found deep within The Depths, you will need to find the Forest of Time Chasm and go west until you reach this area.

Abandoned Lurelin Mine Forge Construct

The Abandoned Lurelin Mine is just below Mimufis Lightfoot. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Lurelin Mine is another location found within The Depths. If you have already explored the area, it is located near the Mimufis Lightroot fast travel location, found at (-0860, -1942, -0523).

Abandoned Hateno Mine Forge Construct

Kimnaz Lightfoot is the closest fast-travel location to the Abandoned Hateno Mine. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Named after the famous town found above the surface, the Abandoned Hateno Mine is another spot where you can purchase Zonai Devices of all kinds. This Forge Construct location can be found at these approximate coordinates (2947, -3372, -0453). Kimnaz Lightroot is the closest fast-travel location.

Abandoned Lanayru Mine Forge Construct

Head to the Kawagom Lightroot fast-travel location to get to the Abandoned Lanayru Mine. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Abandoned Lanayru Mine can be found near the Kawagom Lightroot fast travel area found at (3522, -2913, -0588). Once here, you only need to cross over a small pond to purchase Crystallized Charges, Zonai Charges, and more.

Abandoned Kara Kara Mine Forge Construct

The Abandoned Kara Kara Mine is found in The Depths. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Kara Kara Mine is yet another mine found within The Depths with a nearby Forge Construct. The exact position of the Kara Kara Mine is at the following coordinates (-3192, -2451, -0474). The Forge Construct will be located just to the south.

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