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All Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Dominants

You’ll encounter many on Clive’s path for vengeance.

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In Final Fantasy 16 (FF16), there are several characters, factions, and powerful humans known as Dominants, who control monstrously powerful beings called Eikons. According to the lore of Io, the Creator who made the Element’s Eikons, there are eight Eikons in total, all of whom serve as the Keepers of the One Law.

Here’s everything about Dominants and who they are in Final Fantasy 16.

What are Dominants in Final Fantasy 16?

In Final Fantasy 16 (FF16), Dominants are people born to host an Eikon within themselves. Like the Summoners from past games, Dominants can use the godlike power of their Eikon to control their element and summon their true form into Valisthea.

They also have a half-form where they only take on a portion of their Eikon’s appearance. Many nations in Valisthea see Dominants as incredible beings to be used for war, and others view them as abominations to be killed on sight.

All Dominants in Final Fantasy 16

Clive Rosfield: Dominant of Ifrit

Clive, after absorbing the power of Garuda. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Clive Rosfield is the first son of House Rosfield and the main character in Final Fantasy 16. Although the Phoenix didn’t choose him, he was blessed to wield some of its fire. By the end of Final Fantasy 16, players can use the power of three Eikons and switch between them. But Clive is Dominant of Ifrit.

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Joshua Rosfield: Dominant of Phoenix

One of the last moments between Clive and Joshua. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Joshua Rosfield, Clive’s younger brother, is the second son of House Rosfield and the Dominant of the Phoenix, who is the Eikon of fire. He had a kind and warm personality before he met his end on the night of Phoenix Gate.

Jill Warrick: Dominant of Shiva

Jill in her complete Shiva form. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Jill Warrick, introduced to us in the prologue as a ward of the Rosaria Duchy, was raised alongside Clive and Joshua. However, after the fateful night at Phoenix Gate, she was captured, and her powers were used for war. Jill is seen in her alternate form at the start of Final Fantasy 16 wielding ice at the Titan, as she’s the Dominant of Shiva.

Cidolfus Telamon: Dominant of Ramuh

Cid in his full Ramuh form. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Cidolfus Telamon, or Cid, is the Dominant of Ramuh. Cid leads a group of people who protect Dominants, Bearers, and other citizens. If you’re a fan of The Lord of the Rings like myself, you’ll notice his Dominant resembles Gandalf, but with more humor.

Benedikta Harman: Dominant of Garuda

Benedikta in her complete Garuda form. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Benedikta Harman is the Dominant of Garuda, the Warden of Wind. As the leader of Waloed’s intelligence force, she is a force to be reckoned with, and you will battle against Benedikta and Garuda multiple times as Clive searches for the Dominant who supposedly killed his brother. 

Hugo Kupka: Dominant of Titan

Hugo in his complete Titan form. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Hugo Kupka is the Dominant of Titan and holds the position of Economic Advisor to the Dhalmekian Republic. His ability to crush armies in one swoop makes him a formidable opponent for Clive and his friends. 

Dion Lesage: Dominant of Bahamut

Dion is on the battlefield against Barnabas. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Dion Lesage is the Crown Prince of the Holy Empire and the Dominant of Bahamut. He’s lovingly known as the King of Dragons, who leads the most fearsome order of knights—the Dragoons. 

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Barnabas Tharmr: Dominant of Odin

Barnabas in his complete Odin form. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Square Enix

Barnabas Tharmr is the King of Waloed and the Dominant of Odin. On top of his steed, he rides into battle and can kill his enemies with one swing of his blade, and, much like the lore surrounding Odin, he loves a good fight.

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