Absurd VALORANT bug allows you to hit seemingly impossible wallbang

One agent has a way to shoot through even the thickest walls.

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When it comes to the precise gunplay that VALORANT provides, one of the most satisfying things is to understand which walls you can shoot through to land a clutch headshot. It can be a bit frustrating if you’re on the other side, but it’s even worse when you know the enemy shouldn’t be able to shoot through the wall.

As VALORANT fans showed online on July 3, another wallbang bug is here, allowing for players to wallbang some of the thicker walls in the game to get easy headshots using Deadlock. One of the best examples of this was shown on Twitter, with a fan shooting through the thick wall on Ascent A site with just their trusty Vandal.

After that, just to prove it isn’t just in one spot, they do the same on the wall to enter Ascent’s B site, easily spamming it with a Vandal when that wall is usually only penetrable by machine guns like the Ares or Odin. The first part, on the thick wall before entering Ascent A, is more egregious, since that wall wasn’t even wallbang-able with those same machine guns.

Now, wallbangs are a key part of VALORANT, with the game even showing players if walls are able to be wallbanged by the specific mark a bullet leaves. If it is a bullet hole with a dark center, the bullet can go through. If it shows an opaque, grey center that is more of a mark than a hole, then it cannot be wallbanged, at least normally.

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This wallbang glitch is thanks to the new agent, Deadlock. In the video, the player uses their Sonic Sensor on a specific part of the wall, then wallbangs that specific spot. Since you can’t break your own kit, you can shoot through it. On top of that, for some reason, it negates how thick that first wall is, allowing for an easy spam kill.

This can’t be intentional, as there was nothing said about this ability allowing for a gun that normally can’t shoot through five feet of stone suddenly gaining the power to do so. While it is very situational, as shown in the clip, it can lead to some nasty spots that a Deadlock can hold and spam onto spike, or onto a pushing enemy. Either way, we’ll see how quickly Riot addresses this issue. 

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