9 best Minecraft 1.20 seeds (June 2023)

There are so many unique ones to explore.

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There’s nothing more frustrating than starting up a new Minecraft world only to be met with a terrible seed that has nothing interesting going on. A great seed will wow players as soon as they load in while a less impressive one will have them wandering for ages without finding anything useful, so if you’re looking to explore all that the 1.20 Minecraft update has to offer then you’ll want to do so with the best seeds possible.

Cherry Blossom biomes arrived in 1.20 and feature bright pink trees raining leaves. Image via Mojang

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The 1.20 update brought a ton of new features to the world of Minecraft, so you’re likely looking for seeds that showcase what this update has to offer. There are limitless seeds which means that there are so many amazing ones for players to see but it is also difficult to find the best ones possible.

Here are nine of the best seeds I found while playing the 1.20 update that showcase many different features for players to explore.

Cherry blossom seeds in Minecraft 1.20

One of the biggest highlights in the 1.20 update is the vast and vibrant cherry blossom grove biomes that can be found around the world. Each of these areas is packed with twisted cherry blossom trees that are constantly raining down pink leaves and pink flowers scattered all around the grassy biome. You’ll also regularly find bees buzzing around and beehives they call home hiding in the cherry blossom trees.

If you’re looking for a seed where you can find stunning cherry blossom biomes, here are some options for you.

Seed: 6509357572236430916 

Spawn: -2.5, 91, 77.9

This is the view right by where you spawn. Screenshot via Dot Esports

Players are met with a stunning view featuring a cherry blossom grove biome right next to an ice spikes biome. There’s also a village right behind the cherry blossom biome and another one to the left of it which makes this an overall great starting point.

If you’re up to a bit of traveling, you’ll find an even more impressive cherry blossom grove at about -1009, 146.4, 514.5. This cherry blossom biome is a great place to live since it is sitting right between two villages and is right on top of a complex cave system you can find lots of valuable ores in. There’s even an Ancient City lurking below this area if you’re looking to take on the formidable Warden and explore the deep dark biome.

This area has two villages, a sprawling cherry blossom biome, and an Ancient City. Screenshot via Dot Esports

The Stronghold is right by this massive area too, so when you’re ready to beat the Ender Dragon all you need to do is head to -1071.5, 80, 506.5. There’s a second Stronghold that players can visit at 2,228, 38, 692 hiding right underneath the extremely rare mushroom fields biome.

All the light pink on this map highlights cherry blossom groves. Image via Chunkbase

Seed: -1980245934846405814

Spawn: -18.8, 80, 2.5

This biome spans across two mountains in this seed. Screenshot via Dot Esports

The spawn area of this seed isn’t particularly remarkable, although there is an Ancient City close by and two villages, but players can do a bit of traveling to find a stunning cherry blossom grove. This biome covers two tall mountains and has a village to one side and a ruined Nether portal on the other.

Players can set up a home here and have everything they’ll need to progress through the game with ease. This cherry blossom biome can be found at in this seed at -2800, 143, 460.

There’s a wide variety of other areas players can explore in this seed too. Image via Chunkbase

Seed: 1691256543523180978

Spawn: 64, 70, -96

This perfectly circular cherry blossom biome is an extremely rare find. Screenshot via Dot Esports

This seed isn’t for players who want to quickly find a cherry blossom biome, but it is for those willing to travel far for something extraordinary. Head to 12037, 109, 1383 and you’ll find a cherry blossom biome that is perfectly circular around a lake located in the center.

There’s also a village right by this biome so players could easily set up here permanently. Biomes don’t usually spawn in such a unique format, so the long journey you’ll need to take to reach it will be worth the effort.

You’ll have to travel extremely far for this biome, but it’s worth the effort. Image via Chunkbase.

Archaeology seeds in Minecraft 1.20

The 1.20 update added the Archaeology feature which allows players to uncover ancient artifacts by carefully brushing suspicious sand and gravel. These blocks can only be found in structures like Desert Pyramids, Desert Wells, and warm Ocean Ruins so players might want a seed that gets them close to these structures to test out the Archaeology feature as soon as possible.

Seed: 6379870233718797262

Spawn: 9, 64, -11.1

Players can find suspicious sand inside Desert Pyramids. Screenshot via Dot Esports

Players who want to start testing out the Archaeology feature that arrived in the 1.20 update may enjoy this seed since it spawns them into a desert with three Desert Pyramids nearby. The desert is one of the best biomes to hang around in when you want to practice Archaeology and this seed has a very massive one all around the spawn area.

Players have lots of desert biomes to test their Archaeology skills at. Image via Chunkbase

Seed: 3525815545798372731

Spawn: 6.5, 99, 10.5

These ruins don’t look like much from afar, but they’re great for Archaeology. Screenshot via Dot Esports

Players will spawn close to a few different Trail Ruins in this seed. These structures are generally mostly buried underground which makes finding them mostly a luck-based process unless you specifically track their coordinates.

In this seed, players have three Trail Ruins located immediately around them and quite a few more in the surrounding area they may venture out to. Players can uncover these structures and play around with the Archaeology feature while doing so.

The small feather icon is the brush tool used for Archaeology in Minecraft. Image via Chunkbase

Well-rounded seeds in Minecraft 1.20

If there’s no particular feature you’re seeking to start off your next Minecraft world, then you might enjoy these well-rounded seeds that have a bit of everything located around them.

Seed: -4701114812458603382

Spawn: -259, 84, 106

I found an intricate water and cave system that would be great to live near in this seed at -76, 98, -1,093.4. Screenshot via Dot Esports

The spawn of this seed might not look like much, but you’ve got lots of options every way you look. You start off on an island and the waters surrounding it have all kinds of useful structures like a nearly complete Nether portal at -454, 50, 4.9 where all you need to complete it is waiting in the chest right by it, a few ocean ruins right off the island you spawn on, and shipwrecks packed with treasure nearby.

With this seed, you also have easy access to just about every biome you might want depending on which direction you head. There’s a dark oak forest starting at about -673, 77, -377.7 and a jungle right behind it at about -961, 90, -338.3 which quickly grants players access to two of the rarer Minecraft biomes.

This seed also has one of the biggest cherry blossom grove biomes I’ve seen yet which can be found at around 1472.2, 171.6, -389.9. If you’re looking for a seed that has it all, this one is packed with anything and everything you might need.

Here’s a map of the general area around spawn for this seed. Image via Chunkbase

Seed: 46546761360

Spawn: 43.5, 66, -36.8

Players usually have to travel thousands of blocks to find this structure. Screenshot via Dot Esports

The 1.20 update brought armor trims to the world of Minecraft which allows players to collect templates from around the world that they can then use to customize their armor like never before. All armor trim templates can only be gathered from dangerous locations like Strongholds, Woodland Mansions, and shipwrecks.

This seed is a great one for players who want to kick off their Minecraft experience by tracking down armor templates. There’s a Woodland Mansion not too far away from spawn, quite a few Pillager Outposts, and many Nether portals you can use to visit the Nether. All of these locations are key for obtaining armor trim smithing templates, so this is a great seed for tackling this task.

The ocean near spawn is particularly packed with structures players can explore. Image via Chunkbase.

Unique seeds in Minecraft 1.20

These Minecraft seeds have special and odd features that make them quite unlike the rest. If you’re seeking something unique, these seeds are solid options for you.

Seed: -370860789905770107

Spawn: -188.5, 65, 328.5

You’ve probably never seen a Woodland Mansion spawn like this. Screenshot via Dot Esports

This seed is great if you want to start off near an icy and snowy biome, but the really impressive part of this seed is a strangely spawned Woodland Mansion. Players can use this seed in the Bedrock version of Minecraft and the mysterious Woodland Mansion can be found at -1976, 99, 1640.

I checked on both Bedrock and Java Minecraft and the Woodland Mansion will only spawn at this location in the Bedrock version of the game. Since this structure is only supposed to appear situated deep within a dark oak forest, this occurrence is extremely rare and makes for a fun world to play in.

This structure likely spawned here because there is a very small dark oak forest that is essentially impossible to see. Regardless, players can loot this massive structure for valuable rewards and later choose to turn it into their home since it has such a unique location.

There are villages everywhere in this seed. Image via Chunkbase

Seed: -7291835737515029772

Spawn: -236.5, 94, 355.5

This biome seems neverending. Screenshot via Dot Esports

This seed has the most massive mushroom fields island I’ve ever seen in Minecraft and it’s also not very far away from spawn. Players can find this area at -841, 94, 768, and is a great place to live since no hostile mobs can spawn within it.

In addition to this strangely large island, players will also find shipwrecks, Ocean Monuments, and Nether portals all around the nearby area. It’s fairly easy to find anything you’re searching for in this seed, but the best part about it is certainly the huge mushroom island.

There’s lots of water around the spawn area of this seed. Image via Chunkbase

We gathered this information by playing Minecraft Java Edition Version 1.20 and Minecraft for Windows on PC.

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