Water logging in Delhi

Water logging in Delhi is as famous as the pollution, heat, and cold in all their glory in their respective seasons.

Pollution all the year round, heat in the summers and cold in the winters.

The same way we have water logging in Delhi in the monsoons. It has become a yearly happening of the water logging in


despite the claims made by the civic authorities and the assurance given by the various leaders


the political party in charge of the administration of Delh

i. The problem of water logging has become like a c


ncer as far as


is concerned


There have been a lot of ef

forts before the

start of the mon

soons by the civic authorities

or trying to make sure that the problem does not appear during the monsoons but of no respite. Somewhere or the other the water logging occurs and the


are put to this enormous problem. It is not only the flooding of streets and the roads it is als

o giving


to the traffic ja

ms all

over the city. It also is the source of many water borne diseases that take birth during the water logging like cholera, diarrhoea, malaria, dengue, gastroenteritis, etc. Schools remain close and it becomes difficult for the office goers to reach their offices in time or not reach at all

. It becomes very difficult to complete the daily needs of a normal household due to the presence of water

every where


Many accidents take place due to the water logging. It becomes very difficult for the road users either on foot or on vehicle to find out the open manholes or the open drains on the road and they fall into them. Every day the newspapers are full of news of someone or the other has met with an accident. Even the school going children fall into the over flowing man holes and get seriously injured. The water logging in Delhi has become a national health hazard to the people residing in and around Delhi.

Many a times a

live wire from the street e


tricity poles falls into the

water and gives way to a big tragedy that is almost out of control.

Water logging also


the daily household chores of a normal house. There is no milk supply to your house due to the water logging in the streets. You cannot go out and buy the groceries for the kitchen. If

some body

falls ill in a house then it becomes very difficult for the family to take the patient to the hospital due to the water logging.

Like this there are many problems that are faced by the residents of Delhi due to the heavy water logging during the monsoons every year. It is high time that the civic authorities and the govt of Delhi take some solid steps to curb this type of water logging during the months of monsoon.

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